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From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, New York shouts its greatness in glitzy, larger-than-life flair. But beyond the bright lights of Broadway and behind the beautiful buildings lu … read

Finding an inexpensive hotel or hostel can sometimes be a challenge in Hamburg, but we have found five incredibly cheap options that range from €14 to €25 per night for a bed in a shared room. Bes … read

While Britain may not have the same reputation for food as, say, France and Italy, it definitely has its own distinct dishes. Traditional British food and drink has seen seeing something of a revival … read | comments (1)

Note: This article was updated on September 15, 2014 with new links and information. In a city where customer service is as low a priority as cleaning up after your dog, the scarcity of tipping in Par … read | comments (9)

Antwerp, the capital of Flanders, is an oddly overlooked charmer in spitting distance by train of several big European cities, most notably Brussels (only 1 hour away by train), Amsterdam, Paris, Lond … read

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