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It’s summer in Paris, and what better way to enjoy the warm breeze than a picnic in the park? When one thinks of parks in Paris, Champ de Mars is often the traveler’s favorite. It’s … read

Brussels is a bustling city combining Euro cosmopolitan with old historic buildings and charm. Definitely a melting pot of people, cultures and styles, Brussels offers a lot to see and do, including t … read

As experienced budget travelers, we love to save money, but sometimes it’s just worth it to pay a bit more for something in Paris. After all, you probably flew from somewhere quite far away so why g … read

Over the past few months, EuroCheapo correspondents have been debunking common myths about Paris (no, not everyone is rude), London (not all polite), Barcelona (not all friendly) and Amsterdam (not al … read

In 1984 UNESCO declared Barcelona’s Park Güell a World Heritage Site. It is one of the most impressive Gaudí projects in the city, and well worth the extra effort it takes to get up to the park fr … read

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