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Note: This article was updated on August 29, 2014 with new information, links and photos. A few years ago, the government decreed that all museums in Stockholm would offer free entry. Unfortunately fo … read | comments (4)

Bavaria is Germany’s wealthiest region, and Munich is known for its posh spots and expensive tabs. However, not everything is out of a Cheapo’s budget in this city. Munich is also home to wond … read

Tackling London’s top sights and busiest central areas is one thing, but if you really want to get under the skin of this city, you need to eat, drink and shop in the areas where locals actually … read

Where can you find some of the tastiest and most affordable street snacks in Europe? Welcome to Istanbul. Fresh from a trip to Turkey, I spent days wandering around this spectacular city trying out al … read | comments (1)

Paris has 20 arrondissements, and there is at least one reason to visit each. Well, sometimes there’s only one… But the 12th, to the east of the city and on the Right Bank (north of the river), is … read | comments (2)

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