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Amsterdam isn’t the most expensive city in Europe (we’re looking at you London!), but it’s certainly not the cheapest. You can expect to pay a little bit more for all of the essentials than … read

Travel blogs have been abuzz in the last few weeks in the wake of Iceland-based WOW Air’s announcement that they will be offering summer 2015 transatlantic flights starting at $99. How is this possi … read | comments (1)

There’s that famous phrase “tired of London, tired of life.” But it’s not that we get tired of London’s countless entertainments and diversions—it’s just that sometimes our wallet does. … read

Twenty-five years ago on the night of November 9, 1989, Berlin witnessed the Fall of the Wall, an iconic moment for the whole world. This weekend the city was aglow with lights spread out along 15km … read | comments (1)

Compared to sprawling Madrid, Barcelona is compact and easy to cover on foot or by public transportation. Nevertheless, if you’re coming for a short trip to the city, staying in a central location a … read

Today's hotel picks

Editor's Pick
Hotel Andre Gill, Paris

We were really pleased to happen upon the two-star Hotel Andre Gill, a quiet hotel that packs in budget-minded travelers, offering quality, clean rooms at very low rates for Paris.



Editor's Pick
Arosfa Hotel, London

The name of the hotel, Arosfa, means “a place to stay” in Welsh. We might suggest that another Welsh word, one meaning “gorgeous and lovely place good for value-hungry visitors” be applied as a replacement.

9.0 Guest Rating



Editor's Pick
Trinity College Dublin, Dublin

Rooms are student dormitories and, as such, provide surprise-free furnishings without televisions or telephones, though many are equipped with kitchenettes.

7.8 Guest Rating



Editor's Pick
City Backpackers, Stockholm

Located just a couple minutes away from Central Station and the center of Stockholm, City Backpackers is the perfect place for, well, backpackers.

8.6 Guest Rating



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