Cheap hotels in Pijp, Amsterdam

De Pijp may sit just to the east of Museumplein, but it's very different in temperament and culture. While Museumplein is upscale, De Pijp is scrappy. It was Amsterdam's very first suburb, and today it's home today to large numbers of immigrants from Suriname, Morocco and Turkey.

De Pijp is also home to the Albert Cuyp Market, which is not merely Amsterdam's largest and best-known public market, but also the largest public market in all of Europe. Another must-visit attraction is De Pijp's Sarphatipark, a lovely green oasis of a park plopped down in the center of the neighborhood.

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Bicycle Hotel, Amsterdam

Address Van Ostadestraat 123 (Pijp)

Situated near the famous Albert Cuyp Markt, the Bicycle Hotel is a one-star property offering eco-friendly practices and affordable bike rentals for city exploration.

7.5 Guest Rating




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