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Athens Introduction - Athens, Greece

Intro to Athens

Ahh Athens, you authentically ancient metropolis. Get ready to take in the ancient marvels, and some exciting nightlife and delicious food to boot.

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Athens essentials

Athens Budget Tips

Read how to keep it cheap in Athens here. We'll give you the skinny on saving euros in Athens, and tell you which publications to pick up, what museums and other sites cost, how to take advantage of free events, and our customary overview of senior and student discounts. Read on! » read more

Athens Car Rentals

To rent or not to rent. A car, that is. The unavoidable and omnipresent question. We'll tell you why you shouldn't rent a car in Athens, though also why you should seriously consider renting a car to get around other parts of mainland Greece. » read more

Expect to Spend: Athens

Sure, everyone knows that Athens isn't quite as affordable as it used to be. But how expensive is the Greek capital? We know, and we'll tell you here what you can expect to pay for a night at a hotel and a meal in a restaurant. So what are you waiting for? Check it out. » read more

Getting Around Athens

Getting into the Greek metropolis of Athens is easy with our quick guide. We'll give you the rundown on the metro, commuter trains, buses, and trams. We'll also tell you why taxis in Athens are no longer something to fear, and decode the city's rather complex taxi rate scheme. » read more

Getting Into Athens

How do you get into central Athens from the airport and the city's main train stations? Should you take the metro, the suburban train line, or the bus? Choices, choices, choices. We'll spell it all out for you here, and if we go on and on about how great Metro Line 3 is, offer us a sedative. » read more

Athens feature stories

Athens Day Trips

Even the most hardcore Athens lovers might thirst for a bit of green or an expanse of unpopulated hill during a visit. Here are some suggestions for getting away from the urban grid, from the nearby suburb of Kifissia, to the easily accessible island of Aegina, and on to glorious, ancient Corinth.

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Athens Hotel Overview

Features Editor Alex tells you all about average nightly hotel rates in Athens, offers a context for the variation in the Athens hotel scene, and explains how accommodations in Athens are changing. Dig in, Cheapos, this is important stuff.

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Athens Introduction

Ahh Athens, you authentically ancient metropolis. Get ready to take in the ancient marvels, and some exciting nightlife and delicious food to boot.

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Five Restaurants and Experiences

Get ready for some yummy food, inspiring art, and relaxation. Add these things to your list when you visit Thessaloniki.

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Five Things Not to Miss in Thessaloniki

Shopping, sipping and eating, oh my! Here's your list of must-dos in Thessaloniki.

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Four Cheap Hotels in Thessaloniki

These four properties are comfortable, and affordable, places to lay your head in Thessaloniki.

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Pure and Simple: Exploring the Peloponnesus for Less

EuroCheapo's Greece Correspondent Kaymaria Daskarolis shows you how to keep it cheap in the Peloponnesus. Towards this end, Kaymaria offers tons of concrete tips. She'll tell you why you should rent a car, where you should stay, and why you should avoid tourist towns.

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Reviewing Athens

When EuroCheapo Features Editor Alex visited Athens, he ate some yogurt, listened to some music, developed a crush on the sleepy Koukaki neighborhood, and fell in love with a few hotels. Read about Alex's Athens sojourn (as well as his quick pick top three favorite Athens hotels) right here.

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Thessaloniki Toolbox

Your Thessaloniki basics. We tell you how to get there and around, and what festivals to watch out for.

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Thriving Thessaloniki

Get the lowdown on Greece's Northern Princess, a.k.a. fabulous Thessaloniki, courtesy of EuroCheapo's Greece Correspondent Kaymaria Daskarolis.

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