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Alizéa, Avignon


2 star star

Address 38 Cours Jean Jaurès (Historical Center)

Alizea is a two-star hotel, offering 20 standard rooms, housed in a historic building in Avignon's city center.

5.8 Guest Rating

Au Saint Roch - Hôtel et Jardin, Avignon

Address 9 Rue Paul Merindol (South of Center)

The two-star Saint Roch, located just along the edge of Avignon’s historic center, offers 27 rooms with air conditioning.

7.6 Guest Rating

Cube, Avignon


2 star star

Address Impasse du Rhône (Around Avignon)

The Cube is a stylish and modern two-star hotel located west of central Avignon and a half mile from the Palace of Popes.

7.3 Guest Rating


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Hôtel de Blauvac, Avignon

4Hôtel de Blauvac

2 star star

Address 11 Rue Bancasse (Historical Center)

De Blauvac is a well-equipped, two-star hotel housed in a historic building in Avignon's historic center. All 16 rooms have air conditioning and a private bathroom.

7.7 Guest Rating


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Hôtel De Garlande, Avignon

5Hôtel De Garlande

2 star star

Address 20 Rue Galante (Historical Center)

Located samck-dab in the historical center of Avignon, the two-star Hotel de Garlande offers 11 air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi.

8.7 Guest Rating


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Hôtel Saint George, Avignon

Address 12 Traverse de l'Étoile (East of Center)

The two-star Saint-George offers 21 rooms located close to lots of public transport and in an area just east of Avignon’s city center.

7.6 Guest Rating

ibis Centre Pont De L'Europe, Avignon

Address 12 Boulevard Saint Dominique (Historical Center)

The Ibis Centre Pont de l’Europe is a two-star chain hotel located a ten-minute walk from Avignon’s city center.

7.5 Guest Rating


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Kyriad Avignon Centre Palais Des Papes, Avignon

Address 26, place de l'Horloge (Historical Center)

The Kyriad Avignon is a two-star, chain hotel located in central Avignon. Its 38 rooms are well-equipped with standard amenities.

8.3 Guest Rating

Le Magnan, Avignon

9Le Magnan

2 star star

Address 63 Rue du Portail Magnanen (Historical Center)

Le Magnan is a two-star hotel located in Avignon's city center near the central train station.

6.6 Guest Rating


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Régina, Avignon


2 star star

Address 6, Rue de la République (Historical Center)

The two-star Regina is located in Avignon's historic city center and offers 3- rooms within easy walking distance of the Palace of Popes.

6.4 Guest Rating

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