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Barcelona City Guide Introduction - Barcelona, Spain

Intro to Barcelona

Barcelona is one of Spain's most captivatingly modern cities. It is also the first city of Catalonia, one of a number of Spanish regions consistently agitating for a greater measure of independence from Madrid.

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Barcelona essentials

Barcelona Budget Tips

Can you keep it cheap in Barcelona? Why yes, you can, and thanks for asking. We'll show you how, tell you all about the oodles of free events you can take advantage of in Barcelona, and throw in some information about the Barcelona Card too, while we're at it. What would you do without us? » read more

Barcelona Car Rentals

Should you rent a car in Barcelona? We'll urge you not to do so. We'll also tell you what you can expect to pay for a three-day economy car rental, explain why automatic car rentals are especially expensive, and sort through the general ins and outs of Barcelona car rentals. » read more

Expect to Spend: Barcelona

What should hotels and meals cost in Barcelona? We'll tell you here. We'll also recommend cafes and bars for meals and explain why a tapas bar tour is the perfect way to sample the city's culinary pleasures while maintaining a tight budget. » read more

FAQ: Questions about Barcelona hotels

You have questions about Barcelona's hotels? Here are answers about rooms, bathrooms, smoking, receptions, neighborhoods and more! » read more

Getting Around Barcelona

Barcelona's first-rate metro system is just the tip of the transportation iceberg. In addition to our profile of the metro network, our transportation overview includes information on transportation passes, commuter trains, the bus system, and the city's taxis. » read more

Getting Into Barcelona

It's easy to get into Barcelona from the airport and the train station. Sort out bus, train, and taxi options between the airport and the city center as well as bus and taxi options from the main train stations into the center of Barcelona. » read more

Reviewing Barcelona

We all know Barcelona's got it going on. But what's it like to work there? Live there? Well, EuroCheapo correspondent Regina WB gives the scoop. Read on as Regina dishes about unexpectedly delicious fare, happening hotels, and the joys of bikes in her adopted hometown. » read more

Barcelona feature stories

Barcelona City Guide Introduction

Barcelona is one of Spain's most captivatingly modern cities. It is also the first city of Catalonia, one of a number of Spanish regions consistently agitating for a greater measure of independence from Madrid.

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Barcelona Day Trips

Want to pop out of Barcelona for a day trip? Never fear. EuroCheapo is here. We show you how to get out of town to two gorgeous little spots: the tiny mountain country of Andorra as well as the cultured seaside idyll of Sitges. Mountain, beach, city. Does it get any better than this?

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Barcelona Hotel Overview

What can you expect to pay for a midrange hotel in Barcelona? And where should you stay? Check out our nifty hotel scene overview and sort things out.

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Barcelona: Top 10 Attractions

Barcelona is a city of art, architecture and non-stop activity, where tourists can find themselves overwhelmed with museums, shopping, and endless nightlife. Here are 10 of our top Barcelona picks, from Gaudi to the Barri Gotic.

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Barcelona: When to go

When is the best time to visit Barcelona? When are the hotel rates low, but the chances of a great trip high?

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Budget Accommodation in Barcelona

What can you expect in a hostal, hostel or pension in Barcelona—and how much should you expect to pay?

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Choosing a Neighborhood in Barcelona

Choosing the right neighborhood for your hotel is key when visiting Barcelona. Here's our picks for the best neighborhoods to stay in, along with some hotel recommendations.

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FAQ: General Barcelona hotel questions

What will the hotel be like? Questions about elevators, smoking, bathrooms, size and more.

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FAQ: Questions about hotel bathrooms

The most common questions we hear about hotel bathrooms in Barcelona.

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FAQ: Questions about hotel rooms in Barcelona

Frequently asked questions about hotel rooms in Barcelona. What can you expect in your room?

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FAQ: Questions about visiting Barcelona

Questions for our correspondent about her favorite hotels, neighborhoods and more.

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Hostels and Cheap Accommodation in Barcelona

Looking for something cheaper than a hotel? Barcelona has plenty of great hostels and hostals. Here are some of our favorites.

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Our Favorite Cheap Hotels in Barcelona

We love all our hotels, but sometimes (we admit) we play favorites. Our favorite Barcelona hotels run the gammut from super cheap to super stylish, but all have that extra "somethin' special."

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Reading Up on Barcelona

Get smart with our Barcelona Bookworm Top 5, and build your background knowledge on Catalonia's bewitching capital. In between Robert Hughes, Rainer Zerbst, and George Orwell, you'll become too smart for your own good. Warn your friends. » read more

Riding the Bus in Barcelona

Take advantage of Barcelona's massive bus system, a great way to see the city while you move from one place to the next.

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Taxis in Barcelona

Taxis are aplenty in Barcelona, but they are not cheap. But for those times when you must cab it, read on.

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The Barcelona Metro

The Barcelona Metro system is affordable and easy to use. Here's what you need to know about getting around Barcelona.

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What's for breakfast in Barcelona?

Is breakfast included in your hotel rate? What can you expect to eat for breakfast in Barcelona?

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