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Welcome to Berlin - Berlin, Germany

Intro to Berlin

Berlin: vibrant, hip, artistic—and affordabale! Learn why we love this rare gem of a Western European capital. 

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Berlin essentials

Berlin Budget Tips

Among the ways we'll help you save money in Germany's surprisingly affordable capital, we'll tell you what major museums will cost, how the Museum Pass Berlin and the Berlin WelcomeCard can both save you money, and which publication you should turn to for listings of free events. » read more

Berlin Car Rentals

Is it a good idea to rent a car in Berlin? We'll help you sort out average costs for a three-day economy car rental, tell you why you should wear your seatbelt in Germany, and explain why you should always yield to streetcars. Always, Cheapos, always. » read more

Expect to Spend: Berlin

What can you expect to spend in Berlin? We'll give you the lowdown on hotel rates (here's a hint: they're cheap!) and restaurant prices here. We'll explain why you should stop by an Imbiss stand for a Cheapo-friendly fast food meal at least once during your Berlin stay. » read more

Getting Around Berlin

Getting around Berlin is phenomenally easy and, like much of the city, relatively inexpensive. Read about the ins and outs of the U-Bahn, the S-Bahn and the bus network. We've also included information about taxis and bicycle rentals for visitors who like their transportation less public. » read more

Getting Into Berlin

Berlin's airports and many train stations confusing you a touch? Never fear. We sort it all out for you here. We include information about bus, U-Bahn, S-Bahn, and taxi transportation between Berlin's airports and the city center. And we'll brief you on Berlin's train stations, too. Yeehaw! » read more

Berlin feature stories

Before You Go: Learn The Language

Travel Gram talks one of her favorite aspects of the travel planning process.

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Berlin Day Trips

Berlin has enough attractions and funky corners to fill a month of urban exploration. But for those who want to get out of town, we've got some daytrip suggestions: from the forested island of Pfaueninsel to grand Potsdam to the Spreewald idyll of Lehde.

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Berlin's Art Hotels

Berlin is an unusually artist-friendly city, and as a result offers all sorts of pleasantly arty bits. Read about Berlin's distinctive and fabulous art hotels here. And while you're at it, check out some of EuroCheapo's affordable art hotel selections.

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Mensa cafeterias dish up a good value

We are unapologetically fond of German cafeteria food. "What's German cafeteria food?" you ask. Well, dear Cheapo, read on!

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Travel Gram: Eating and Dining Overseas

What is one of the best things about traveling? The eating of course! And it's a great way to get a feel of the people and the culture of the place, all while stuffing our mouths with delicious fare. Read on as EuroCheapo resident grandmother Eileen Detelfsen talks eating and traveling, our two favorite things.

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Travel Gram: Souvenir Budget Woes? Try Freebies!

Some of the best—and least costly—things you can bring home from a European vacation are freebies. Not only are they easy on the wallet, but their authenticity will wow the recipient.

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Travel Gram: Travel as an Antidote to Change

As lives and family structures change, travel can be a constant and an antidote. Travel Gram shares her stories.

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Welcome to Berlin

Berlin: vibrant, hip, artistic—and affordabale! Learn why we love this rare gem of a Western European capital. 

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