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Die Fabrik

Schlesische Strasse 18, Berlin, GermanyHostel

Editor's Pick
Die Fabrik, Berlin

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Doubles from: $60 to $78

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In 1995, a century-old telephone company was converted into a hostel, and Die Fabrik ("The Factory") was born. Its workspaces were gutted, and compact bedrooms and dorms were built where telephone operators once made their connections. Today, travelers from around the world connect in this very affordable, friendly and hip joint. We were won over by Die Fabrik's charm and convenient location off Schlesisches Tor in Kreuzberg.

Quick read

Pros: Cool history. Very quiet. Eco-friendly.

Cons: Strictly no-frills. No elevator. Cash only.


Die Fabrik’s rooms—singles, doubles, triples and quads—are pleasantly simple, and many are decorated with original East German worker propaganda posters, found onsite during the renovation. (They're screwed into the walls. Don't even try it.) In the seven- and eight-bed dorms, the simple wooden tables and chairs and stark metal lockers are fit for a factory break room.

All rooms are situated around a calm courtyard. Not that they are common in hostels anyhow, but the Die Fabrik has made a point of keeping TV and telephones out of the rooms to keep things quiet and private.


Some private rooms have a sink, but all rooms share bathrooms, which are very clean (for hostel bathrooms).


The Die Fabrik is clean, comfortable and no-nonsense. The brick and concrete hallways and stairs keep the theme both romantic and industrial, and the FABRIKCAFÉ provides home-cooked meals at reasonable prices throughout the day. Eco-guests will be happy to know that the Die Fabrik operates on solar energy.

Breakfast is not included by can be purchased at the café. Wi-Fi is free throughout. Note that the hostel does not have an elevator and does not accept credit cards.

Reserving at the Die Fabrik Hostel

As we point out above, the Die Fabrik does not offer online booking. To reserve a room, you’ll have to contact the hostel directly by email or telephone (see below, under “more information”).

If you’d like a suggestion for a similar property with a unique style and distinctive German flair (plus the option to book online), read our reviews of the lively art hostel baxpax Kreuzberg (also housed in a former factory), the chill and hip East Side Hotel or the fun “bostel,” Eastern Comfort, docked on the Spree River.

Note: This hotel was visited by a EuroCheapo editor and is recommended based on cleanliness, location, price and overall quality. EuroCheapo did not charge this hotel to be listed.



  • Reception: 24-Hour
  • Wi-Fi: Free



Schlesische Strasse 18
Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)30 611 7116, 617 5104
Fax: +49 (0)30 618 2974

Website: http://www.diefabrik.com

Email: info@diefabrik.com

About the Die Fabrik neighborhood

Funky Kreuzberg is split between two postcodes, a posh-leaning one and an immigrant/artist one. The posher part of Kreuzberg feels like stroller brigade central on the weekend, with boho dads and mums descending on the streets with little ones in tow. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Kreuzberg was the edgiest, coolest neighborhood in West Berlin. Nowadays, it retains a strongly alternative vibe, even if it has been challenged for pole position in the ultra-bohemian stakes by Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg, both in the former East Berlin.

Die Fabrik, Berlin
Die Fabrik, Berlin
Die Fabrik, Berlin
Die Fabrik, Berlin
Die Fabrik, Berlin
Die Fabrik, Berlin

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