Palkonya: 2007 European Village of Culture

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Photo by Naftalin9
Photo by Naftalin9

The European Cities of Culture movement was launched in 1985 one for each member country—together with a “Cultural Village of Europe” titleholder for the year.

This year the title has been awarded to Palkonya, a settlement of 350 people in southern Hungary, famous for its protected buildings, beautiful natural scenery, and spicy red wine.

Each month, from May until October, the representatives of two different countries organise colourful programs: fairs, musical and dance performances, and children’s entertainment.

This year’s other European Cultural Villages are: Aldeburgh (UK), Bystré (Czech Republic), Kilinge N?mme (Estonia), Kirchheim (Austria), Mellionec (France), Paxos (Greece), Pergine Valdarno (Italy), Porrúa (Spain), Schachdorf Ströbeck (Germany), Tommerup (Denmark), and Wijk aan Zee (Netherlands).

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Melanie lives in Budapest with her Hungarian husband and two daughters, Rose and Thea. She teaches English and Psychology in an International School in the city and is studying for a Masters Degree in Children's Literature.

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