5 tasty alternatives to tapas in Barcelona

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When you're ready for something other than tapas, try a sausage from This Dog Is Hot. Photo: annahndz
When you're ready for something other than tapas, try a sausage from This Dog Is Hot. Photo: annahndz

Granted, you’ll probably want to dine on Spanish or Catalan food most of the time you’re in Barcelona because, well, it’s absolutely delicious. But, if you do get a little tired of tapas (yes, it can happen), then keep these restaurants with international foods in mind.

Nice Spice

I sampled many Indian restaurants in the city before ending up at Nice Spice. It’s great. This is not a trendy place, but a cozy, welcoming restaurant in Poblenou way off the tourist thoroughfare. Their specialty is tandoori paired with an excellent housemade naan, including a fragrant garlic version. It may not be posh or stylish, but Nice Spice is popular. Get there early on the weekend or call ahead for a reservation.

C/ Pujades 207 (right in front of the Poblenou metro station) – 933-089-548 – about €15-20 per person.


This Syrian cuisine specialist has numerous locations all over Barcelona. It’s an easy option for vegetarians or folks with food allergies. I recommend their falafel combo dish or their cheese arayes. No matter which one you go to, the staff is friendly and competent. Plus, the eats are always tasty and the price is right.

Various locations – about €10 -15 per person.

The Dog Is Hot

You guessed it: hot dogs! Texas Dog? Guaca Dog? Piña Dog? These are not your typical limp street wieners with mustard, but gourmet sausages in many exotic flavors. There’s even a Vegan Dog for all you non-meat eaters! There are now two The Dog Is Hot locations, one in Gracia and the other in Raval. The dogs start at about €2.50 each making this American favorite an effortless and inexpensive option.

Two locations – about €6 per person if you eat two dogs.

Brunch & Cake

Miss a classic Sunday brunch when you’re on the road in Europe? You’re in luck, because they serve it everyday over at Brunch & Cake. Expect lots of sweet temptations such as scones, pancakes and cupcakes, but also your favorite savory dishes like omelets and egg sandwiches. Brunch & Cake gets extra points for chic interior design. Apart from Brunch & Cake there are also two more branches called Cup & Cake, one on Enric Granados street and the other near Universitat metro station on Tallers street.

Three locations – about €15 per person or less.

Woki Organic Market

This spot combines two smart concepts: organic food and Asian wok eats. On their website they claim to make the ‘best wok in Barcelona.’ I’m not sure this is true, but I do enjoy their fast food. At Woki you get to mix and match ingredients and choose from seven sauces inspired by Japan, China, Thailand and beyond. You can even get hot spice here if you want it! Served with noodles or rice, these wok fry-ups are cheap and filling. Get one to go and eat it in the park or on the beach. They also deliver, if you don’t feel like leaving your hotel room.

Bonus tip: One of the locations is right off Pl. Catalunya. It’s hard to find good lunch in this touristy part of the city which makes Woki stand out.

See web for locations – about €6 per person.

P.S. The two foreign foods I have had the hardest time finding are Chinese and Mexican. Sure, there are Mexican restaurants in Barcelona, but I’ve yet to come across a good one. If you have a suggestion, we’re all ears. Chime in on the comments below!

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Regina W Bryan

About the author: Regina W.Bryan is a Barcelona-based freelance writer and photographer. When not eating tapas and exploring Europe, she is tending her balcony veggie garden and practicing Catalan. For more of her thoughts on Spain, check: www.regwb.com and www.thespainscoop.com.

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