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The colorful town square of Poznan, Poland. Photo by giannisl
The colorful town square of Poznan, Poland. Photo by giannisl

The main square of Poznan, Poland always has a buzz on weekend nights as the Lizard King competes with Bee Jay’s and the DV Club to transmit the loudest vibes. But the university city of Poznan, exactly half way between Berlin and Warsaw, is more than just a pizza and party town.

Poznan’s main square: a place to be

Yes, Poz is cool, cool, cool, but not just a city for electric nights out. It happens to boast a fabulous city square. Not as picture perfect as that in Zamosc perhaps, and not sacrificed to tourism like Kraków’s celebrated Rynek.

Poz does better than Kraków by saving its star attraction for the locals, though how long that will last is another matter. The big brand names have arrived in town, but for now at least their chic retail outlets are tucked away in side streets. The square is a place for fun, not for exclusive commerce. Each time we go to Poz we fear we’ll find Bulgari or Burberry boasting window space on that square. Not yet, though. The Lizard King reigns supreme.

And freebies too!

Poz is full of lively night life and free entertainment. This is a throwback to the Poland of a dozen years back. Summer nights see free alfresco screenings of classic movies out on the shores of Lake Malta. And the Lech brewery on the edge of town offers free tours all year round – a good place to bone up on brewing subtleties before a night out at the Lizard King.

And for those wanting respite from the club scene, the Brovaria hotel on Poznan’s main square is a hint of what’s to come: a stylish bar, all mirrors and restrained minimalism, with its own boutique brewery.

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