Across the Strait – Tangiers

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Photo by dimsumranch
Photo by dimsumranch

It’s a real shame to be on the southern coast of Spain and not make the short trip across the Strait to Tangier. After all, it’s right there, so close you can make out small patches of farms and houses on the African side. While we’re no fans of package deals, a nice way to get a first taste of Morocco if you’ve never been before is to sign up for any number of boat and hotel deals, available at travel offices across the Spanish coastline.

Travelclass in Marbella offer a €65 deal, which includes the cost of the ferry from Algeciras, two nights in an above average Tangier hotel, and they’ll even pick you up at the Moroccan port. As Tangier offers little to see, the hotel offers day trips to either the mountain village of Chefchaouan or the coastal village of Asilah.

A word of warning – crowds in July and August can make this little journey truly terrible so plan ahead.

Travelclass Tel: 952 868 679

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