From Alex: Adieu, Cheapos

Forgive the temporary release of the standard editorial “we” in the following post.

My final day as editor of the EuroCheapo Blog is today. I have loved editing (and writing for) this blog, scouring sources obscure and mainstream alike for budget-friendly travel tidbits. For those who have started reading the blog only recently, we have run an in-house endeavor with occasional guest posts since the summer; prior to that, the blog collected the musings and tips of a stable of amazing correspondents across Europe. I can say without a shred of hyperbole that editing their writing was one of the best professional experiences of my life.

I will miss editing the blog, though knowing that it will continue to thrive and excite travel budgeteers of all persuasions makes leavetaking easier. I’ll continue to be a part of the wider EuroCheapo sphere, and hope to be posting occasionally.

Please check out my unaffiliated, newish travel blog, Spendthrift Shoestring.

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Alex Robertson Textor
About the author: Bitten by the travel bug at 11, Alex Robertson Textor has fond childhood memories of ultracheap Spanish hotels (the kind with Styrofoam shelving) and supermarket lunches scarfed on park benches. Formerly an academic, Alex has spent the last several years redirecting his professional life into full-time travel journalism and editing. He has published articles in the New York Times, Guardian Unlimited, Condé Nast Traveler, Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel, and the San Francisco Bay Guardian, among other publications.
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3 Responses to “From Alex: Adieu, Cheapos”
  • matt says:

    I’ve enjoyed your work here quite a bit and am sad to see you go. You bring a voice to your work that is like no other and EuroCheapo is going to miss it I am sure.

    I’m really digging your newish blog — it rocks!

  • Hey Alex: All the very best for the future. Surely our paths will cross…. on the slow train through Poland…. as the slow boat pulls in to some tiny pier in the Shetlands or the Faroes…. as the last bus of the year creaks out of the bus station in some Bulgarian small town, leaving just a few Eurocheapo correspondents who couldn’t quite fathom the timetable… or whatever. The next vodka is on us.
    We wish you well.

    Nicky and Susanne

  • Sean O'Neill says:

    Hey, Alex,
    Sorry to see you go… the blog’s been terrific…
    Good luck in your new adventures!

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