Aegean Airlines Ticket Sale

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Photo by Aviojets
Photo by Aviojets

Aegean Airlines, one of Greece’s main carriers, is having a massive sale on 230,000 flights.

One-way domestic flights begin at €39, all taxes included, departing from Athens International Airport. For one-way domestic flights departing from other Greek airports, you’ll pay just €26. Make sure you read this twice. For the price of a dinner out, you can fly from one part of Greece to another.

If you want to fly internationally within the European Union from Athens, you can purchase a one-way ticket for only €59, all taxes included; from other Greek airports, you’ll pay just €43 one-way.

The best part of the sale is that you can book tickets at these fares for travel any time before December 31, 2007. There’s no “travel must be completed but at these fares, your budget won’t be shattered if you end up canceling a leg or two.

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In order to keep a promise she and her brother had made to their grandmother (and to simultaneously fulfill one of her own dreams) Kaymaria left her beloved hometown of Oakland, California and headed to Athens in time for the 2004 Olympics. Today, she continues to work and play in the Greek capital, where you may find her writing atop Lykavittos, road-tripping with overseas guests, enjoying Athens cafés with friends, dancing to Greek hip-hop music, or reading Greek subtitles in an outdoor cinema. The daughter of two life-long educators and enthusiastic travelers, Kaymaria has explored North America, Mexico, and Europe. It was not until she spent a year as an exchange student at The University of York in England, however, that she discovered that she does not actually speak English.

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2 thoughts on “Aegean Airlines Ticket Sale”

  1. ..every time I ge to the end of the booking process, the ‘web processing link ‘is down. Have been trying for two days..all hours of the day and cannot process. What kind of way is this to do business?..i am in the states and cannot call long distance to greece to book a ticket.

    Their websites needs to be upgraded to be more consumer friendly. Aegean..are you listening?

  2. Good Day Everyone,
    I have a round trip ticket for two, from Athens to Santorini, on Oct. 2 and back to Athens on the 13th.
    Would I be charge a fee for changing my returning flight? I really would have rather be back on the 12th,
    instead of the 13th.
    I’d really appreciate it; please advise.
    Thank You,
    Virgil Masalta


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