Americans abroad: Will you be watching the US Presidential Inauguration?

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On Tuesday, January 20th, 2009, Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. The formal program begins at 11:30 AM EST and will be shown live around the world.

Americans abroad: Will you be watching the festivities? Whether you live abroad or will simply be traveling, we’d like to know whether or not you’ll tune in on Tuesday to the historic event happening in Washington.

If yes, please tell us where you plan to watch the ceremony. Which city? In a bar, community center, church, or other location?  Will you get there early? At home alone? In your hotel room?

If no, please tell us why not. Not interested? You can see highlights on YouTube? The line will be finally be short at the Eiffel Tower?

Tomorrow we’ll be posting a list of spots where you can watch the inauguration in Europe’s major cities. So please, leave your comments below! Thanks!

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14 thoughts on “Americans abroad: Will you be watching the US Presidential Inauguration?”

  1. Does anyone know what channels it will be on? I’m assuming CNN but what is all this business with HBO having broadcast rights? I’m in Vietnam, so it’s going to be on at midnight.

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  3. I am studying in Milan and I just got here and don’t know where to watch the inauguration. I worked on the campaign for over a year and I don’t have a TV. I will be heartbroken if I don’t get to see Barack Obama sworn in!

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  5. I am currently living in St. Petersburg and am also looking for a public place to watch it since I don’t have international cable where I live.

  6. The Grand Hotel Europe will have a satellite TV connection in the Mezzanine Cafe. You might contact them directly – here’s the link to the Concierge…if they get enough interest, they just might expand it (my thought, not theirs).

    Their concierge was very gracious. At first she thought that they might be doing something bigger, but since Russian TV won’t be broadcasting the event, they decided that the satellite TV connection in the Cafe would work. My thought is that if enough people contacted her, they might do something bigger.

    G – I live in Seattle, WA and we leave Sunday – fly to Munich, overnight there, then on to St. Petersburg.

  7. Hi Bar Paris — are you planning to watch in a bar in Paris?

    G — what city are you in?

    Liz — we’ll try to do a little research for St. Petes. Let us know if you find anything! I’m curious, too, because I’ll be in St. Petersburg in ten days!

    And Craig, will you be traveling, or are you in Australia?

  8. Us Kiwis aren’t going to be watching it but I’m sure we’ll be lambasted with it on Australian TV. I think there’s a little sibling fascination there.

    One of our writers is going to be at the inauguration and sending back some stories for us. She’s already put together a Obama inauguration guide which I found helpful in understanding just what’s happening!

  9. We’ll be in St. Peters burg on the 20th and are really trying to find a spot to watch the Inauguration of President-elect Obama. Please, if anyone knows of a spot in St. Pete, please post it!

  10. I will be watching it at home, as the kids probably don’t want to go to a bar. I will be watching through a NY feed.
    Oh, and I hope the Arab world steps up to persuade the terrorists to stop lobbing bombs at civilian towns and using innocent people as shields.Or is the US the only moral guide left? Didn’t think Europe looked in that direction any more.


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