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Rock out in the lounge of the Backstage Hotel.
Rock out in the lounge of the Backstage Hotel.

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most interesting and quirky cities, so why not opt for a hotel to match? Whether you want to sleep on a boat, immerse yourself in art, sleep in a futuristic neon cube or surround yourself with porn, there is an accommodation to suit your needs.

To help make your trip to “The Venice of the North” more interesting, here are five unique hotels in Amsterdam:

1. Beagle Houseboat
Beds start at $26 per night

Adventurous travelers will love Amsterdam’s Beagle Houseboat, a one-room accommodation set on, you guessed it, a houseboat. Beagle Houseboat sits on a scenic canal and delivers a one-of-a-kind experience to guests while also immersing them in the city’s iconic canal culture. The boat, which is more like a hostel, offers four single beds below deck, so you can choose to share with new friends or buy out the entire space to yourself.

While the boat provides the bare minimum – hot shower, toilet, bed, sink, lamp, nightstand – there is a lounge with free coffee, tea and Wi-Fi. To add to the quirky ambiance, boat owner Aart keeps a glowing blue light in the bedroom corner to give the room a psychedelic feel.

citizenM is a hotel of the future.

2. citizenM Hotel
Double rooms start at $110 per night

Upon entering citizenM Hotel, your first thought will be you somehow landed on an episode of The Jetsons. In reality, you’ve actually landed in the hotel of the future. Located in the Zuid-Amstel neighborhood, technology and design-enthusiasts will love the 215 futuristic rooms that feature remote-controlled amenities and mood lighting, censor-automated showers, electronic window blinds and pod-enclosed toilets that open and close with the push of a button. Not surprisingly, free Wi-Fi is offered throughout the building.

3. Backstage Hotel
Double rooms start at $71 per night

Considered “Amsterdam’s Rock and Roll Hotel,” Backstage Hotel offers guests the chance to be a rock star for their stay. Walking down the halls, you pass vintage posters and modern cover art, while the lobby showcases a grand piano and a chalkboard talking up the city’s current shows. Snare drums and saxophones adorn the bar walls and Guitar Hero is always ready to go.

Black-and-white rooms feature high-wattage vanity mirrors, sexy artwork, drum light fixtures and even a spotlight on the bed to help you feel even more like a VIP. If you’d like to go out and paint the town red, the hotel is located near Leidseplein close to an array of music venues.

Kinky things are happening on the walls of this room in St. Christopher’s at the Winston.

4. St. Christopher’s at the Winston
Double rooms start at $67 per night

For those who want an accommodation that’s also an attraction, St. Christopher’s at the Winston is like staying at an interactive contemporary art gallery where you sleep inside the installations. Located in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, the property was the first in the Netherlands to offer an art-focused hotel, with each of the seven floors and its rooms offering a different creative theme.

Some fun rooms you may want to request include the Heineken Room, with a green-bottle theme, the Tranquility Room with black and white photographs and the Ultraviolet Room with neon works. And, don’t think this hotel is afraid to push the limits. Some rooms contain paraphernalia like kinky dominatrix photos of women acting out BDSM and girl-on-girl.

5. Qbic Hotel Amsterdam
Double rooms start at $89 per night

Located south of Amsterdam’s center in the city’s financial district (and near RAI convention center and Schiphol airport), the Qbic Hotel Amsterdam offers an interesting budget accommodation option for those willing to make the hike out here. Along with modern amenities like Wi-Fi, cable TV, a restaurant, air conditioning, a restaurant and bar/lounge, this quirky hotel offers guests the chance to stay in a “cubi.” These futuristic cube-shaped rooms resemble Japan’s cubicle hotels, but with more space.

Room features include an extra long Hastens bed, LCD TV, creative work-and-dine sets and, the best part, the options to create your own atmosphere with changeable lighting and glow, like a mellow yellow, techno-trance purple, cool blue or sexy red. The lobby also fits into the futuristic theme, with a touch screen digital kiosk acting as your local tour guide.

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