Amsterdam: 5 delicious Dutch desserts not to be missed

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Appeltaart met slagroom Amsterdam
Why resist? An appeltaart met slagroom awaits... Photo: Tavallai

By Audrey Sykes in Amsterdam—

The Dutch were never known for their exotic cuisine–bread, cheese and fries being the basics. Thankfully the Netherlands has a satisfying sweet tooth. When visiting Amsterdam, don’t hold back on indulging in these five sugary surprises that are simple, cheap, yet oh so tasty.

1. Appeltaart met slagroom
Typical price: €3.75

Apple pie with whipped cream will always be a soft spot for the Dutch. In cafes this pie is usually on display, letting all eyes marvel at its deep, staggering slices of apple cinnamon filling and towering, dense crust. It’s served cold or at room temperature, so add some whipped cream on the side and dive your dessert fork into a swirly dream of delight.


2. Stroopwafel
Typical price: €1 (at the market), €2.50 (grocery store)

Take a very thin waffle iron, cinnamon batter, remove from heat, pour thick stroop syrup over one waffle and press it against another hot waffle to make a soft and gooey syrup sandwich. That’s a stroopwaffle; and they’re to die for. Buy them warm and king-size at the outdoor markets or pre-packaged in the supermarket (which would make a great cheapo souvenir… if you can resist them!).

3. Poffertjes
Typical price: €2.50

Think warm, puffy pancakes the size of quarters, showered with a flurry of powder sugar and a drizzle of stroop syrup. Poffertjes are a good excuse for a sugary breakfast, but are also considered a cozy snack during the winter months. These silver-dollar cousins are served best with hot chocolate or spiced wine, especially after an afternoon spent ice skating.

4. Amandel koekie
Typical price: €1

Amandel koekie are little almond cakes easily finished in two or three bites. The cake is a cheap buy at the supermarket (usually located next to the stroopwafels), but are also available fresh out of the oven in the bakery section for about a euro. Just look for the golden cookie-shaped cake with a naked almond on top, and enjoy.

5. Peren ijs
Typical price: €.75

This pear-flavored Popsicle is a summer treat, a favorite among kids and perfect for cooling off at the beach. They’re cheap, not too sugary, and carry a light, natural taste. These sticks of soothing satisfaction can be picked up from most ice cream vendors, gas stations and beach snack shacks.

About the author

About the author: Audrey Sykes hopped across the pond from the US eight years ago for a Masters degree in global journalism. Since then, she’s lived all over Europe, reporting and editing for music sites, snowboard mags, and travel media. She’s also the Amsterdam author for Party Earth, a guide to nightlife across Europe.

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One thought on “Amsterdam: 5 delicious Dutch desserts not to be missed”

  1. Do you have a recipe for the wonderful looking apple pie. I am part of a group that does ethnic dinners monthly and I have a dessert assignment for our October dinner with the Dutch theme.


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