Amsterdam Cheap Eats: “Febo” dishes up snacks, automat-style


Febo is always ready to vend. Photos by Tom Meyers.
Febo is always ready to vend. Photos by Tom Meyers.

By Amy Goemans–

Say you’re on your way to catch the train out of Amsterdam and don’t have time to sit down for a meal. Maybe it’s a nice day and you just want to take in the city’s floating flower market while munching on something cheap. Or maybe you’re having trouble pronouncing those Dutch entrées when ordering food.

Does Amsterdam offer a fast, cheap, and yummy snack? Yes, and it is called “Febo.”

Febo is a fast-food franchise that serves up its snacks in “automat”-style vending machines. It’s a simple process: You walk up to the window of the tastiest-looking treat, drop the correct amount in the slot, open the door, and take out your snack.

Eat on the spot at Febo.

Eat on the spot at Febo.

History of Febo

This famous fast-food eatery had its humble beginnings during the rough, wartime year of 1941. Febo actually started out as a small pastry shop, run by a baker named J.I. Borst. According to Febo historians, Borst learned many of his skills from a boss who was based along the “Ferdinand Bolstraat,” a street in central Amsterdam. The snack shack’s name is thus a tribute to his experiences there.

Before long, people were lining up for Borst’s tasty “kroketten” (potato and meat croquettes). Eventually the quaint bakery was transformed into an automat-style restaurant where eager customers queued up to pull out their favorite fried snacks.

On the menu

Krazy for krokettes! Photo by Febo.

Krazy for kroketten! Photo by Febo.

Febo is still best known for its croquettes. Here are a few, yummy meaty recommendations: “kalfsvleeskroket” for those who love beef (€ 1.40), or “kipcorn” for those who crave a bit of chicken (€ 1.40). For the Eastern touch, check out “bami” or “nasi,” (€ 1.40) both kroketten come packed with rice or noodles, as well as vegetables and herbs. If you’re looking for a non-meat option, check out the delicious “kaassouffle,” a fried cheese nugget (€ 1.40).

Febo has also expanded its menu to include other non-croquette offerings, including some Asian-inspired dishes, “pataats” (chips), and a few sweet snacks. They also grill up hamburgers and sandwiches.

Check out the full menu on their website.

Here’s a list of Febo locations in Amsterdam:

– Ferdinand Bolstraat 89B

– Damrak 6

– Stadionplein 20A

– Leidsestraat 94

– Reguliersbreestraat 38

– Oudezijdsvoorburgwal 33

About the author

About the author: Amy K Goemans is a writer and web developer based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Her travel experiences include Europe and Southern Africa with occasional visits to Asia. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Durban are currently her top favorite cities.

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  1. just got back from a break in Amsterdam,tried one of the snacks from the vending machine and it was very tasty and good value 1.50 euro think it would make a good business in most city centres

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