Amsterdam City Card: New expanded savings within the metropolitan area


Haarlem is now an attractive destination with the I Amsterdam Card thanks to free admission at two top museums. Sam Teigen

Here at EuroCheapo, we’re always looking at discounts and deals across the continent that help you save money. A frequent topic of conversation is the popular city tourist and museums cards. There are benefits (free admissions) and disadvantages (the sometimes high cost) to each, and opinions can be divided. But it always comes down to how are you going to spend your time, and what do you really want to see once you get to your destination.

In Amsterdam we’ve taken a close look at the two major cards—the Museum Card and I Amsterdam Card—in the past to find out which is a better deal. We’ve also given you the inside scoop on the Amsterdam & Region Day Ticket. Now comes news that the I Amsterdam City Card is expanding their coverage with a few more attractions in Haarlem, Enkhuizen and the mills and museums in Zaanse Schans and Volendam/Marken. In other words, if you plan on venturing outside of the city center during your stay, the I Amsterdam City Card now has even greater appeal.

Frans Hals Museum

The Frans Hals Museums, filled with Old Haarlem Masters, is now free with the I Amsterdam City Card. Photo: Andy Field

The long list of existing benefits for the 24, 48 and 72-hour cards include everything from free admission to the Van Gogh Museum to a free 75-minute canal cruise. Study the rest of the offers, and see if you already had a handful of these attractions on your checklist. The prices are not exactly cheap (€49 for the 24 hours, €59 for 48 hours and €69 for 72 hours), but you also get unlimited travel on city buses, trams and metro, so if you like to get around the city by public transportation, consider that factor too.


For 2014, new benefits include free admission to two museums in Haarlem: Frans Hals Museum, featuring an impressive collection of Haarlem Old Masters of the Golden Age including the 17th-century collection by Frans Hals, and Teylers Museum, the oldest museum in Holland with a fascinating collection that has remain unchanged since the 18th and 19th centuries.


Fans of maritime history will enjoy The Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen that features a large collection of wooden boats as well as an outdoor village that captures life in rural Holland during the late 19th century.

Zaanse Schaans

The mills and museums at Zaanse Schaans are now also included in the I Amsterdam City Card. Photo: Begona V

Zaanse Schans

To get a taste of traditional Dutch life, a visit to Zaanse Schaans, about 20 km north of Amsterdam, offers windmills, museums and a slower slice of life. The I Amsterdam City Card now offers free admission to many of the mills and museums in Zaanse Schans including a windmill museum, a clock museum and even a ferry.

Bottom line: If you’re planning on seeing a lot of the top sites in and around Amsterdam, Haarlem and Zaanse Schans, take a good look at the I Amsterdam City Card. It might be just what you need to save big on your next trip to Amsterdam.

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Craig is a New York-based writer and editor who has worked with many travel and food publishers including Not For Tourists, Frommer's, Google Maps, Zagat, and is now the blog editor for EuroCheapo. When he's not out exploring the five boroughs for his blog, he's dreaming up plans for his next trip across the pond.

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