Amsterdam: Free iPhone application for tourists


Amsterdam info on your iPhone.
Amsterdam info on your iPhone.

Most people we know with iPhones like to brag about all the whiz-bang tools packed into their phone, as iPhone “applications” extend the possibilities of the device far beyond simply making a telephone call. The “Amsterdam Mobile Guide,” one of the latest tools in the box, is a free iPhone application that acts as a personal tourist guide.

Created by the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions, the application provides an index of Amsterdam’s main sights. Interactive on and offline, the application is worth a test drive to iPhone users, or holders of other web-enabled mobile devices.

Large option umbrella

The Amsterdam Mobile Guide offers a wide array of tourism info. Like the guidebooks that it’s ostensibly replacing, the handheld guide lists a number of attractions, restaurants, bars, hotels and shops, categorizing them by city district. Each listing includes an image, contact information, map, and a few side notes. When you click on a listing, your iPhone’s GPS system will provide distance and directions by car, public transport, or by foot. (Unfortunately, no bike route option is available.)

On a recent trip to check it out at Amsterdam’s Mac House, the manager, Yvin Hei, had this to say, “The search option is a plus, and you don’t need to constantly be updating the application.”

Time saver

An interesting feature is the “Itinerary” option, which provides users with a detailed agenda for set time-frames, from eight-hour layovers to 72-hour weekend stays. Another bonus is the “Near Me” option, which lists bars, attractions, and other destinations within a .5 kilometer radius of your location.

The “Getting Around” option gives the lowdown on how transport works in Amsterdam. Bike rentals, tourism and public transport office addresses are cited and mapped with easy-to-follow directions. An ideal addition would be tram, bus and metro maps and time schedules—maybe they’ll add this in the future.

Room for expansion

Category listings cover about 200 venues of interest and cater to tourists with average to high-end budgets. Unfortunately, there are no sightings for cheap bars, hostels, and food joints on this application. An “Amsterdam For Free” option would be a welcome Cheapo addition.

A quick-hit search for local nightlife—again at the local Mac House— only yielded two venues in the city center. Even Hei, the helpful floor manager contends with that, “Well, there is more nightlife here than that.” Entertainment listings on the application tend to stick to the mainstream venues, yet local favorites can be spotted occasionally.

Try it out

View the Amsterdam Mobile Guide at

Already test driving the Amsterdam Mobile Guide on your iPhone? Leave a comment below about which features you like or dislike!

About the author

About the author: Audrey Sykes hopped across the pond from the US eight years ago for a Masters degree in global journalism. Since then, she’s lived all over Europe, reporting and editing for music sites, snowboard mags, and travel media. She’s also the Amsterdam author for Party Earth, a guide to nightlife across Europe.

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6 thoughts on “Amsterdam: Free iPhone application for tourists”

  1. I’ll take a look at the apps that you’ve recommended above. 25 things to do in Amsterdam is another great application that is especially tailored for travelers who are planning to go to Amsterdam for a vacation. Though it’s isn’t as comprehensive compared to other travel apps, one of its best features is that it works offline (including the map), so there’s no need to look for wifi connection in order to use its full features. It also lists 25 of the best places of interests in Amsterdam, so there is no need to go through hundreds of POIs in order to find the next place to visit. I hope others would give the app a try.

  2. Heading to Amsterdam next week-I will report on the app upon my return. Looks very slick and should be helpful as my mode of transport will be by foot, tram or bus.

  3. Hi,
    check it out at just launched a free map of Amsterdam for iPhone.
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  4. I don’t get it: you have to have free wifi first to get the info, or can you use it online? Travelling with my iphone in different countries I could never use it, because I was never at any wifi spots nearby and to avoid spectacular roaming costs….. If this is something I might dedicate a post on my blog What’s up with Amsterdam on this subject.

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