Amsterdam: Prostitute Erected to Face Old Church

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Sex Worker Statue
Photo by Milda Palilionyte

One of these neighborhood gatherings is not like the other: block party, garage sale, open house at the corner bordello.

Amsterdam’s sex workers participated in a meet and greet with visitors last Saturday in the second annual open house sponsored by Amsterdam’s Prostitutie Informatie Centrum (or Prostitution Information Center, PIC). For six hours, hundreds of spectators were invited to enter dimly-lit sex clubs and peep shows during daylight hours. Open doors offered a free look inside the city’s famed Red Light District dens.

From we found the following quote. “Last year, I noticed that there were a lot of female visitors,” noted Mariska Majoor from PIC, former prostitute and organizer of the open day. “So we asked for men prepared to prostitute themselves to be in the windows for one day. It is only the second time in the history of Amsterdam that men are offering themselves to women…in the windows like their female colleagues.”

On the heels of the open house, a bronze statue dedicated to ladies of the night (see above) was unveiled to the public on the Oudekerksplein—in front of the Old Church—in the heart of the Red Light District. Els Rijerse’s sculpture represents a female member of the oldest profession standing on a doorstep, sporting a self-assured stance, hands on hips, looking towards the stars.

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