Amsterdam: Three comedy clubs for a Cheapo night out

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Outside the Boom Chicago comedy club. Photo by ramblingrovers.
Outside the Boom Chicago comedy club. Photo by ramblingrovers.

You’ve been to all the famous Amsterdam attractions—the zoo, the Van Gogh Museum, and other popular spots. But what about Amsterdam’s beloved comedy club scene?

Stand-up gigs, improvisation shows, and all other forms of comedic performance are immensely popular in this city. As it is, you will come across a number of Amsterdam shows by famous comedians like Eddie Izzard. Unfortunately, these will most probably be sold-out and a tad expensive.

On the other hand, there are a number of regular acts and visiting shows in well-known clubs which, with their affordable rates and popularity amongst the locals, are definitely worth checking out. Here are a few of Amsterdam’s most noteworthy comedy clubs:

Comedy Cafe

Max Euwplein 43-45
Phone: 020-638-3971
Show starts: 8 pm

This cozy little cafe is a great place to drop by for a few drinks and a good show. Most of the shows are in Dutch, but there is an English show every Sunday named “Hole in the Boat.” The English-language act consists of two comedians, Gerry and Martijn, putting on a great improvised show. With an entrance fee of €13, this cafe’s shows involve music, anecdotes, plenty of creative thinking, and input from the audience.

Boom Chicago Comedy Club

Leidseplein 12
1017 PT Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 423 0101
Show starts: Check site for details

If you are going to try out Boom Chicago, be sure to arrive early and plan ahead. This club, with its group of talented comedians, is cherished by many fans and thus, shows are usually packed. There are often a few shows running, based on different themes. As for their style, it is mainly improvisation, with a good number of sketch comedy acts as well.

The rates at Boom Chicago can range from €20 to €40. For a taste of their style, why not try the cheaper late-night improvised show for €13? Visit their website for full details of dates, show details, and opening times.

Comedy Theater in de Nes

Nes 110
1012 KE Amsterdam
Phone: 020 – 422 27 77
Starting time: Varies

Comedy Theater in de Nes is one of Amsterdam’s biggest and most popular comedy clubs, making it also one of the hardest tickets to get. This lovely theater presents a wide variety of comedy acts, both local and international. Keep an eye out for “Comedy Explosion” shows at the theater. These are hilarious shows by skilled comedians, be it improvisation or stand-up gigs. The tickets themselves are usually €13.

Note about food

Most of the comedy cafes and clubs offer food, which will usually be paid for with the ticket price. Since this can be a bit hard on the wallet (averaging a hefty €33), it might be a good idea to grab a quick bite beforehand, maybe at Maoz or even some of the street food like loempias or Turkish pizzas. Then, hop over early for the show and relax with your favorite drink as the show starts.

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