Amsterdam Tip: Where to find sun, sand and summer fun

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A funky, artistic vibe at Blijburg aan Zee beach in Amsterdam; photo by BasL
A funky, artistic vibe at Blijburg aan Zee beach in Amsterdam; photo by BasL

Summer wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the beach. In Amsterdam, a city of canals and coffee houses, a sandy oasis can sometimes seem far away. But, with a little insider knowledge (read on, dear Cheapo!), it won’t be hard to imagine working on your tan while sipping on a beachy cocktail. Or, taking in the sunset before checking out a local music show in the same sandy spot.

Here are four waterside locales, some replete with sand and wave—all easily accessible via public transport.

1. Strand West – 80

This expansive beach is the place to be if you love to mix-and-mingle. Strand West is open throughout the year and boasts a variety of social events including concerts and kids’ shows. Whether you like exciting dance parties or relaxed beach events, there’s always something fun to take advantage of here. Of course, for something truly idyllic, just drop by and enjoy a bit of the golden sun.

Tip: Keep in mind that because this is a city beach, swimming isn’t really in the cards here.

Location: Stavangerweg 900, 1013

2. Blijburg aan Zee – 96

More artistic souls will love the vibe of the Blijburg aan Zee. Located further east of the city, this sandy spot is bustling with snazzy music as well fun and games. It is a great place to relax and unwind, or to perhaps catch the sunset around one of the many campfires. The area also hosts activities like yoga and Capoeira performances, as well as quirky art events throughout summer.

Tip: This might be one of the last chances to check it out; rumor has it that it might close down by the end of the year.

Location: Bert Haanstrakade 2004

3. BovenNEMO – 71

This one’s for the geek in you. NEMO, the national science museum in the Netherlands, opens up its weird and wonderful roof area to the public every summer. For some blissful time under the sun, folks can chill out on any of the 48 giant steps along the upper deck. Travelers with kids will be delighted with the play area. Don’t forget, there’s also a charming café here in case you get the munchies.

Open from Jun 27 to September 6.
Location: Oosterdok 2

4. Strand Zuid – 95

If you want a bit of variety and prefer a beach that’s closer to most of the urban action, the Strand Zuid is a good choice. Located in one of the southern neighborhoods of Amsterdam, this cozy patch offers alluring views from a terrace viewing platform. A number of food choices are available here too, most of which have a Mediterranean flair. There’s also a quiet café if you are looking for something more charming or feel like a romantic dinner for two.

The best part? The beach has a fancy parasol system which offers guests shelter on rainy days, and shade when it’s too sunny.

Location: Europaplein 22

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