Andalusian Wine on the Rise

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Spanish Wine
photograph courtesy of Christopher Coats

Tired of leaving the table wine market to the northern regions of Rioja and Navarre, Andalusia has begun sinking public funds into promoting local labels to national and international markets. Still difficult to track down outside of specialty stores and the vineyards themselves, the Andalusian wine movement is gaining steam thanks to this regional publicity campaign.

Areas such as Malaga, long-known for producing mainly sweet, after-dinner wines, are now churning out dozens of local vintages that emphasize lighter characteristics than their northern counterparts.

In time, the regional government hopes to group a dozen or so labels together and distribute them worldwide. Until then, travellers can sample the region’s best at a pair of wine museums in the small villages of Mijas Pueblo and Ojen.

Tastings and full guided wine-lunches are available throughout the year at both locations, in English and Spanish. The villages are located roughly midway between Malaga and Marbella.

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