Madrid: ARCO, Contemporary Arts Fair, vs. Spanish Tortilla

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Anyone who’s anybody is currently walking the floors of ARCO, Madrid’s most prestigious international contemporary arts fair. ARCO attracts the best international artists, highbrow art editors, connoisseurs, and collectors from Spain and around the world, and is being held from February 15 through 19, 2007.

Of course, if you’re no one who’s nobody and can’t afford the €40 entrance fee just to get through those abhorrently overpriced doors, perhaps you’re more like us. And what are we up to? Well thanks for asking. We’re in the kitchen attempting—and failing—to flip a Spanish tortilla like a pancake.

It turns out the Spanish tortilla is an art form itself, more complex than anything on display at ARCO and much easier to digest. The perfect blend of egg, potato, and virgin olive oil is a Spanish masterpiece. Any good Spaniard would put up a fist to defend his or her mother’s tortilla.

The secret? Add an extra egg, double the salt, and don’t worry about complex interpretations. The Spanish tortilla speaks for itself.

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