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This question from a EuroCheapo reader came across our desk yesterday:

“Do you have any idea how I can get to Copenhagen from Madrid by train or bus? I’m looking for a cheaper alternative because flying will cost a lot more.

“Is there a site I can look into? I’ve been searching online but I haven’t found what I’ve been looking for. I need prices and schedules.”

Answer: Yikes. For your own sanity, please fly. Taking a train or bus from Madrid to Copenhagen is certain to be a very long—quite possibly frustrating—experience that is guaranteed to cost more in the end than flying on a low-cost air carrier.

The bus option: SAIA buslines, a Spanish member of the EuroLines bus network, will bus you from Madrid to Hamburg, Germany for €143, in 31 hours. You will then have to book a ferry from Hamburg to Copenhagen, which can also be expensive. Do you really want to rock the boat after 31 hours on a bus?

The train option: Eurail passes aren’t the answer for you, as they cover a minimum of 15 days of consecutive train travel ($636) or 10 days of travel over two months ($751). Booking a trip from Spain to Copenhagen directly through renfe, the Spanish railroad, will also be very pricey and doesn’t appear to be available online. Good luck!

The flight option: Though we couldn’t find any low-cost carriers flying directly from Madrid to Copenhagen, there are flights from Barcelona to Copenhagen on, the Danish airline, for as low as €81, each way.

But how to get from Madrid to Barcelona? Vueling, a Spanish low-cost carrier, can fly you to Barcelona for €30 to €40. Another option is the train, which runs about ten times a day between the cities, for €63.60.

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