Athens: Parks and gardens for some good, green fun

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Kifissia Park in Athens, Greece
Lovely greenery in Kifissia Park. Photo by Flora_S.

By Sarah Silbert—

Temperatures are dropping as we transition from summer to fall, but this is only a good thing in Athens: In with the mellow weather and out with the scorching temperatures! As things cool down, we think a walk in on of the city’s many parks makes for a perfect, cost-free way to spend time between visits to the Acropolis and the Agora.

National Garden of Athens
Metro: Exit at Syntagma (line 2 or 3)

The National Gardens in Athens

The National Garden. Photo by reinholdbehringer.

Located in central Athens right behind the Greek Parliament Building, the National Garden of Athens makes a scenic place for a stroll. The garden is filled with plenty of gems to discover, including a smattering of ancient runes, a duck pond and a small zoo. For a fix of greenery in the city (and a nice spot to eat your Cheapo-friendly souvlaki), we can’t think of a better place.

Pedion tou Areos
Metro: Exit at Victoria (line 1)

The Pedion tou Areos Park is marked by a large statue of King Constantine I on a horse and a memorial to soldiers who fought in the Battle of Greece. Like the National Garden, the Pedio tou Areos Park offers plenty of greenery and no shortage of peaceful paths to explore.

One of the largest parks in the city, it also boasts a popular playground. Stop by before or after visiting the nearby National Archaeological Museum, but don’t linger past sunset; we’ve heard the scene gets slightly sketchy after hours.

Kifissias Park
Metro: Exit at Kifissia (line 1)

Kifissia is an attractive, affluent suburb on the northern side of Athens. In addition to some shopping and eating options, the neighborhood offers a lush botanical garden. If you’re itching for a taste of local life, take the metro out here and explore the expansive greenery. (Bonus tip: If you’re in town during April or May, you can catch the annual Kifissia Flower Show, which brings a colorful variety of flora to the neighborhood.)

Where else to walk?

Well, these are our Athens park picks, Cheapos. But we’re no Socrates: If you’ve seen better spots for strolling in the city, set us straight by leaving a comment!

And if you’re interested in reading more tips for Athens and Greece, have a look here.

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3 thoughts on “Athens: Parks and gardens for some good, green fun”

  1. I have been told t ovisit Kifissia park. I have googled it Athens it and the rest. the most info I can get is to get off at Kifissia. That is the ends of the story. Nothing about how to get there from the train station. Even the flower show web site gives you no idea. what is a tourist suppose to do besides keep asking in the hope you get to find it. I appreciate most speak english but would like more info on any web site. At least then I can ask for a street name. Peter

    1. @Peter: Hi! I know it’s been ages since you posted your comment but I am replying just in case someone else has the same question. Kifisia Park is just opposite the train station “Kifisia”. It’s very easy to find it. Cheers, Kyriaki.

  2. The duck pond at the National Gardens is a real treat. It’s so out of context with the surrounding urban feel. It’s a wonderful spot to get away from the tourists — it’s still very popular with locals, who know where to escape the city heat and noise.


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