Auf Wiedersehen, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik…

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yeehaw, auf Deutsch
photograph courtesy of Miranda Siegel

Thank goodness for ARGEKultur, a glorious respite from all the Sound of Music buses and Mozartkugeln that define Salzburg’s cultural image! ARGE was founded in the 1980s as a protest against the city’s dominant “Festspielekultur.”

ARGE’s good-sized Nonntal venue hosts hundreds of art and culture events every year, ranging from rock concerts and avant-garde shows to book readings and theater.
When we dropped in, ARGE was hosting the Local Heroes Bandcontest, which featured a slew of Salzburg rock luminaries and a healthy moshpit.

Between sets, concertgoers dined and downed beers at ARGEbeisl, where huge plates of traditional specialties are dished out in an airy room filled with glowing lights and loud music. The Schnitzel was one of the best we tried (and trust us, we tried quite a few) and the Geröstete Knödel, those luscious bread-and-egg dumplings with the occasional bacon bit thrown in, were divine. There’s a decent selection of Austrian beer as well.

ARGE is actually the second biggest contemporary culture center in Austria, after WUK in Vienna. Take that, Graz!

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Native New Yorker Miranda fondly recalls family trips to Europe, which featured formative events like spending a night on the roof of an overbooked Greek hotel and sampling the culinary wonders of horse meat. But it was while riding a pony through a patch of wild blueberries in Iceland that she realized she wanted to be an explorer. As an undergrad, Miranda bicycled across the US and lived for several months in Berlin. Nowadays she obsesses over Baltic countries and the plump cream-smothered dumplings to be found there. Fluent in German, she does freelance translation and writes educational material for children.

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