Barcelona: 10 photos that will inspire you to visit

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Still hesitating about whether or not to visit Barcelona? Read on! Above, a closeup of the Sagrada Familia's text-heavy facade.
Still hesitating about whether or not to visit Barcelona? Read on! Above, a closeup of the Sagrada Familia's text-heavy facade.

Do you still need to be sold on visiting Barcelona?

From its fascinating history to mind-blowing Gaudi architecture, the city offers so much for those in search of a rich cultural experience. Meanwhile, its affordable restaurants, bars and tapas spots make it a top destination for culinary tourists. Even those into more active vacations will enjoy riding around the city on bikes or hitting the beach!

Need a little nudge? Let these photographs I’ve taken of some of my favorite aspects of the city convince you to come this spring and summer to Barcelona:

The Santa Maria del Mar Church

The Santa Maria del Mar Church

1. History

Stroll cobblestone streets and gawk at thousands of years of history hidden in the walls around you. Need some guidance? Take one of these local walking tours.

Barcelona street art

Barcelona’s streets offer lots of free art.

2. Art

You don’t need to pay to go into a museum to see art in Barcelona, it’s all around you. Street art is abundant in the metropolis! Of course, the city has plenty of art museums, too. Here’s a list of free and cheap places to see great art.

La Barceloneta

Hit the beach in nearby towns or even in Barcelona itself. Above, the beach in la Barceloneta

3. Beach

From May to October, swim in the Mediterranean Sea along the Barcelona shoreline! Before you race into the water, read our essential guide to visiting Barcelona’s beaches.

Spanish wine

Excellent Spanish wines are very affordable in Barcelona.

4. Wine

Spain produces some of the best wine in the world. Guess what? You can drink it in Barcelona and it won’t cost you more than $6 a bottle! Here are some of my favorite wine bars, plus suggestions for more great central bars and even some picks for beer lovers.

Go back to nature by wandering through the city's gardens.

Go back to nature by wandering through the city’s gardens.

5. Hike

Walk around the many gardens tucked into the folds of Montjuïc Mountain, an area easily reached from the city center. Look for Jardins de Mossen Costa i Llobera for a wonderful cacti collection! (Read more about the Parc de la Ciutadella and the Parc Guell.)


Go Ga-Ga for Gaudi’s eclectic architecture in Barcelona.

6. Architecture

You could spend a week or more just visiting Antoni Gaudí sights and buildings in Barcelona… Check out this article on surviving Parc Guell in all its Gaudi glory, tips for visiting the Sagrada Familia and this round-up of our favorite hotels near Gaudi architecture.

summer drinks Barcelona

Enjoy summer drinks at night in plazas throughout Barcelona

7. Plazas

Nothing is sweeter than a cold drink on a breezy plaza in the evening come spring and summer in Barcelona. Here’s a list of beach-side bars and here are my three favorite plazas to visit.

Catalan food

Eat locally by buying yummy Catalan food at the outdoor food markets.

8. Markets

Buy fresh local products at the many outdoor and open markets in the city. Goat cheese anyone? Here’s a list of my three favorite outdoor food markets in the city.

Cabaret Barcelona

Embrace the night in Barcelona.

9. Nightlife

Every night of the week there is something going on in Barcelona. In this photo, patrons line up for El Molino, a cabaret club in Poble Sec. Looking for some nightlife suggestions? I outline some club and bar options in my “Cheapo night out” article. And here’s a list of good budget hotels located near the city’s nightlife.

Barcelona food

Great food at affordable prices is easy to come by in Barcelona.

10. Food

Barcelona is known for its excellent cuisine. Mediterranean eats include lots of veggies, fish and seafood. Need some suggestions for great cheap eats? Read our general tips on keeping your dining budget in check, our guide to local foods worth trying, super cheap dining options (seriously, under €6), and this list of great lunch spots.

Need more?

Obviously, there are many reasons to visit Barcelona this year. For more help on planning your trip, be sure to swing by our Barcelona guide.

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About the author: Regina W.Bryan is a Barcelona-based freelance writer and photographer. When not eating tapas and exploring Europe, she is tending her balcony veggie garden and practicing Catalan. For more of her thoughts on Spain, check: and

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