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Fastnet Bar Barcelona
Great burgers and beer and the Fastnet Bar. Photo: Weefz

By Regina W Bryan in Barcelona—

As much as I love Rioja wine, Manchego cheeses, golden olive oil and paella, there comes a time when one tires of Spanish food and wants a bit of curry or guacamole in life. Barcelona’s non-Spanish/Catalan foods scene improves each year (I’ve seen a big change in the five years I’ve been here) offering up a little something from many countries around the globe.

Here are seven non-Spanish restaurants with Cheapo-friendly prices that I recommend:

1. Japanese

Every month a new sushi place seems to open in Barcelona. Sushi is so hip, so cool, so expensive!

Tatami Room
Poeta Cabanyes, 19
Barcelona 08004
Tel: +34 93 329 67 40
Web site

A friend of mine who owns the newly opened Japanese restaurant, The Tatami Room told me that “there’s a lot more to Japanese food than sushi.” Indeed, at his Tatami Room, not one piece of Maki is served. The Tatami room is in Barcelona’s Poble Sec neighborhood, overlooked by tourists and locals alike. Try “real” Japanese at The Tatami Room and then head two doors down to Bar Rouge, a sexy bar on the same street.

2. Mexican

It is possible to get a good burrito and margarita in Barcelona. Two of my favorite spots are Rosa Negra and Chido One.

Rosa Negra
Via Laietana 46
Web site

La Rosa Negra and its sister restaurant, La Rosa de Raval serve up Tex-Mex style meals at fair prices. I dig the happy hour at Rosa Negra from Monday-Friday when they shake up margaritas for a super cheapo €3.50! Have some nachos to go with your Cuervo, or one of their enormous burritos.

Chido One
Torrijos, 30
Barcelona 08012

I also like Chido One, a slightly pricier Mexican joint in the city’s Gracia neighborhood offering up an ample selection of classic “south of the border” dishes.

3. American

In search of the perfect burger? Aren’t we all? My burger spot criteria is that they have at least five burger choices, that the burgers are served on buns (yes, there are some places here where the burger comes bun-less) and that they also serve veggie burgers. My two favorites in Barcelona are Betty Ford’s, which servers very aFordable burgers (it’s a pun, get it?), and Fastnet on the beach.

Betty Ford’s
Joaquin Costa, 56
Barcelona 08001

Betty Ford’s is in El Raval and also pours some mean cocktails. This place is usually packed with drinkers on Fridays and Saturdays, some come early for burgers.

The Fastnet
Paseo Juan de Borbón, 22
Barcelona 08003

The Fastnet is an Irish pub in Barceloneta near the beach and across the street from Port Vell. Sit outside when the weather is nice and have one of their fab burgers with fries for about €7. Add a pint to that and you’ve got a large lunch for €10.

4. Additional Asian Options

Thai restaurants have been popping up all over Barcelona lately, and the following two Asian eateries come highly recommended to me by friends.

Thai Gracia
Calle Corsega 381
Barcelona 08037
Tel: 93 459 35 91
Web site

Thai Gracia is in Barcelona’s Gracia neighborhood and serves authentic Thai food made with ingredients imported from Thailand. Consider the abundant “tasting menu” for €21 any time or the daily special Monday – Friday for €11.00.

Thai Thai
Diputacio 9
Barcelona 08015
Tel: 620 938 059

Thai Thai, in Barcelona’s central Eixample barrio has a slightly less expensive daily special for €9.50 during the work week.

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Regina W Bryan

About the author: Regina W.Bryan is a Barcelona-based freelance writer and photographer. When not eating tapas and exploring Europe, she is tending her balcony veggie garden and practicing Catalan. For more of her thoughts on Spain, check: and

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