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The Hotel Astoria offers well-priced rooms near the Casa Batlló & La Pedrera. Photos by Regina W Bryan
The Hotel Astoria offers well-priced rooms near the Casa Batlló & La Pedrera. Photos by Regina W Bryan

The psychedelic works of Antoni Gaudí draw thousands of visitors to Barcelona each year. If you’re an architecture fan, you’ll want to see a few of Gaudí’s buildings, scattered throughout Barcelona and Catalonia. Book close to Gaudí sights at the following hotels and hostals.

Casa Batlló & La Pedrera: Astoria Hotel
Doubles from €70

This is also one of the best value hotels we’ve seen in the Eixample neighborhood in up-town Barcelona. Astoria Hotel is located close to Casa Batlló and La Pedrera which are both located on Pssg. de Gràcia.

My favorite Gaudí structure  is Casa Batlló, a cobalt and kelp-green apartment building that shimmers in the sun for tourists. Gaudí did not fully design these luxury apartments, but revamped the building between 1904 and 1906 for Josep Batlló i Casanovas. Not far from Casa Batlló is La Pedrera, which was was built between 1906 and 1912 as a high-end apartment building. Declared a Wold Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984, it’s possible to visit the Espai Gaudí, El Terrat and El Pis de La Pedrera plus an art museum (free) with rotating exhibitions inside this impressive building.

A room at the Gat Xino puts you close to the Palau Guell.

Palau Güell: Gat Xino
Doubles from €65

Staying at Gat Xino will put you close to a lesser-known Gaudí palace, Palau Güell. Built between 1886-1888, this was the Güell family palace.

Wealthy Mr. Güell was one of Gaudí’s main supporters and because of him we also have Park Güell, which makes for an impressive visit on a clear, sunny day. Palau Güell was closed for restoration for a few years but is now open for visits.

La Sagrada Família: Hostal Central Barcelona

Finally, my pick for glimpsing Gaudí’s most famous, unfinished building is Hostal Central Barcelona, located a few blocks from the “sandcastle” Basilica. (Here’s a list of other affordable hotels near La Sagrada Familia.)

If you see no other Gaudí sight, see this one. Gaudí took on La Sagrada Familia project in 1883 and died before it was completed. Construction continues now, and in the last seven years I’ve seen it morph considerably.

Mass is held at La Sagrada Família and if you’re religious this could be quite a unique experience, plus you’ll not have to pay an entrance fee if you’re going to a service.

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