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No trip to Barcelona is complete without picking up a little free (or almost-free) reminder of Gaudí, the city’s favorite architect. Happily, Barcelona is teeming with arty Gaudí souvenirs, ranging from the refined to the (you guessed it) gaudy.

Take home some cheapo Gaudí

Regarded as tasteless in his own time, Antoni Gaudí’s unique art nouveau ideas are widely celebrated in Barcelona’s architecture today. All over the city, and surrounding his iconic Sagrada Família in Eixample, Gaudí souvenirs abound.

Sure, some of these items are tacky, but tacky will be fun back home! Some of our favorite examples of Gaudí souvenirs include:

  • Illustrated brochures and ticket stubs from the Segrada Família
  • Gaudí-adorned (and free) napkins from the church’s on-site café
  • Postcards of the picturesque Casa Milà and Parc Güell
  • Salt and pepper shakers in the shape of Gaudí smokestacks
  • Gaudí chess pieces

These are just a few of our favorite Gaudí-themed cheapo souvenirs. You can preview some souvenirs here, but know that you’ll be able to find cheaper versions from street vendors.

While you’re at it…

As long as one is in the barrio, we suggest picking up free hand-outs from museums showing off any of the city’s modern style. The Picasso Museum in Old Town and the Museum of Chocolate San Pere Born are both good places to find stylish brochures.

Editor’s Note: This is our third post in our “Cheapo Souvenirs” blog series. Join us over the next four weeks as we suggest one cheap or free souvenir to bring home from each city we cover on EuroCheapo. Do you have a suggestion for another cheap souvenir in Barcelona? A favorite Gaudí souvenir? Leave a comment below!

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5 thoughts on “Barcelona cheap souvenir: Gaudí for less”

  1. Looking for inexpensive square ceramic trivet, 6″ by 6″ with Barcelona or Gaudi-related picture on it.

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  3. I get postcards and other cheap souvenirs all the time when I’m traveling. I figure that the pictures on postcards are much better than any photos I ever take. The kiosks in front of Sagrada Familia have lots of cheap Gaudi souvenirs — key chains, coffee mugs, jewelry, posters, fans, etc. I simply can’t get enough of all the remnants of Gaudi’s work around Barcelona…especially Parque Guell. I’ll definitely try out some of the unique souvenir ideas you mentioned the next time I’m in Barcelona. Thanks!


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