Barcelona: Cheap tickets to classical concerts and opera


The audience at Barcelona's Liceu Theater. Photo by scalleja.
The audience at Barcelona's Liceu Theater. Photo by scalleja.

When people think about Catalan Culture, they think Gaudi, Modernista Architecture, and laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle. They should, however, also think music. Barcelona loves music. While jazz and classical are perhaps the most popular genres in the city, all music is embraced with open arms in Barcelona.

This love of music means that there are concerts every night of the week. See classical on Monday, opera on Tuesday, jazz on Wednesday, blues on Thursday, and rock on Friday. Groove to internationally-renowned DJ’s over the weekend. There are plenty of shows to pick from and venues which range from posh to underground.

If you’re in the mood for something classical, the city offers an array of locations and programs to fulfill your desires. Here are a few of the best to consider.


Concerts at L’Auditori range from inexpensive (€10) to pricey (€100). It is a matter of looking over their website and seeing what’s available. Quite often, performances on weekdays are cheaper than those on the weekend.

If you’re in town now, I recommend Camerata Aragon on December 17th, 2009 which is FREE. Another good one is Carmina Burana on December 18, 2009 for €18. Also, the Gran Gala Strauss featuring the Hungarian Philharmonic Orchestra plays on December 26 and 27, 2009 for just €10.

Liceu Opera House

It’s also possible to see an opera at Barcelona’s prestigious Liceu Opera House on Las Ramblas. For good seats to “The Magic Flute” and their other fabulous productions, you will have to pay a hefty sum.

However, if you don’t mind not seeing the stage, and just hearing the music, then you can get a ticket to most of the performances for about €10. From your €10 seat, you will be able to hear the performance and see it on a small TV screen set up in front of you. It is less than ideal, but it is a budget-friendly option. The Liceu has some biggies coming up in the next couple months including Montserrat Caballe, Verdi’s “Troubadour,” and said “Magic Flute.”

Bonus tip: Look for deals at El Palau de la Musica

Finally, it is always worth taking a peek at El Palau de la Musica’s concert listings. They often have deals on Sunday mornings. El Palau is a Modernista masterpiece and is absolutely the best place to see a concert in Barcelona.

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