Barcelona Double Tip: Save with the Articket and the T-10 Metro pass

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MACBA, Barcelona's contemporary art museum. Photo by art_es_anna.
MACBA, Barcelona's contemporary art museum. Photo by art_es_anna.

Today I thought I’d throw out a “double tip” for saving some euros in Barcelona. These are sure to come in handy to anyone visiting museums or taking public transportation during their visit. In other words — just about everyone.

Museum Tip: The Articket

If you love museums and only have a few days in Barcelona, then you will want to make sure to  squeeze in visits to the MACBA, CCCB, Picasso, Miro, MNAC and La Pedrera museums.

But it will cost you: Entrance to the Picasso Museum is €9. The Miro Museum? €8. How about MACBA, the contemporary art museum? €7.50 for adults. The national art museum, the MNAC, will set you back €8.50. As you can see, visiting all these museums really adds up.

To see the best of Barcelona’s art offerings and still be able to afford lunch, consider purchasing the Articket, which covers all the museums mentioned above. At €22, it’s a real steal. You have six months to use the ticket from the day of purchase and you can visit each museum on the ticket once. There are seven museums covered by the Articket, so if you visit them all you save around €40 … not too shabby! The Articket is available at any of the museums or at the tourist information center.

Whenever I have friends come to visit, I recommend that they get the ticket. To date, only one friend has managed to see all the museums offered on the Articket. Still, if you see only three of the seven museums, you have still saved big. However, if you aren’t much into art and would rather visit history and science museums, the Articket is not for you.

Transit Tip: The T-10 and 50-30 Metro passes

Another easy way to save is by buying a T-10 or 50-30 Metro card. Instead of buying one-way tickets for a little over €1 each, buy the T-10, which gives you 10 trips for about €7. You can buy the T-10 in all Metro stations at the automatic ticket sellers.

Also a good deal is the “50-30,” which allows riders to take 50 rides in 30 days. Clearly, this is only a good deal if you are staying in Barcelona for a few weeks and plan to take the Metro a lot. The 50-30 costs just over €30, so the value is high.

Keep in mind when buying Metro, bus, and train tickets that you should always purchase your pass in the Metro station and not on the bus. The bus will only accept small change and will not issue anything more than one-way tickets. However, you can use your T-10 or 30-50 Metro ticket on the bus, train, light-rail, Metro and tram throughout the city, which makes getting around the Catalan Capital just that much easier. Visit the official Barcelona transportation site for more information.

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