Barcelona: Free art and architecture in Parc Guell

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Lanscape at Parc Guell

If you’re heading to Barcelona, there’s no doubt that Antoni Gaudi’s art and architecture will be high on your list. From whimsical apartment buildings to the imposing spires of a Roman Catholic church, the Catalonian architect’s work dominates the city. You could pay €10 to scale the steps of the (perpetually-under-construction) Sagrada Familia or spend €8 to explore Gaudi’s art nouveau Casa Mila. Or, you could check out a more Cheapo-friendly option – the magnificent Parc Guell, which has free entrance.

UPDATE 2013: Sadly, the city is now charging €8 to enter Park Guell, as of October 2013.

The park is a local favorite, complete with a colorful mosaic terrace overlooking the city. Impressive columns, a sprawling staircase, and a large-scale Gaudi dragon make for an incredible ambience. Best of all, taking in this virtual garden of Catalonian color costs nothing, apart from a hearty walk across Guell’s 42 acres!

Parc Guell is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. or dusk. Take the green line Metro to stop “Lesseps” and follow the street signs to the park’s entrance. For more information, visit the Project for Great Public Space’s Parc Guell page.

Join us again tomorrow, Cheapos, for another free tip. Next stop? Berlin!

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One thought on “Barcelona: Free art and architecture in Parc Guell”

  1. Did you know that Parc Guell has the longest park bench in the world? This is by far my favorite part of Barcelona. I have been here three times, and took so many pictures during each visit. In fact, I love all of Antonio Gaudi’s work throughout the city, although it would be nice if they could finish La Sagrada Familia! I was able to see a lot of Barcelona with a bus tour that allowed you to get on and off the bus many times throughout two full days of sightseeing! I also really enjoyed the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. It’s such a great city…I know I’ll be back to explore again soon!


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