Barcelona hotels: The best budget choices for mom and daughter travel

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Astoria Hotel
Sip cava with mom on the beautiful roofdeck of Astoria Hotel. Photos by Regina W Bryan.

Traveling with family is not the same dynamic as a jaunt with friends or your partner. I’ve done quite a bit of globetrotting with my mother, and she’s one of my best galavanting companions. We both share a sense of adventure and a love of travel (I probably got it from her!). Depending on what your mother is like, you may not want to book a dorm room at the super-cheapo backpacker hostel with bunk beds. Most moms requires something a bit more chic. Here are our affordable picks for you and mama in Barcelona.

Fashion House

Fashion House lobby.

Fashion House
From $68 a night

This one is for the mother-daughter team who are outgoing and want to meet fellow travelers in the B&B’s ample living room or over breakfast on the garden patio. It’s central and the owners are friendly. The only drawback is that not all rooms have en suite bathrooms, so make sure to run that by mom first.

Hosteria Grau
From $80 a night

A few years ago, when I was living in a shared apartment, and didn’t have room for guests (mom didn’t want to take the couch), my mother came to visit and she stayed at Grau. Ever since her stay there, it’s been one of my go-to hotels that I frequently recommend to out-of-town friends and acquaintances. Grau is central, cozy and a good value. And most importantly, mom approved.

Hotel Astoria in Barcelona

A comfy room at Astoria Hotel.

Astoria Hotel
From $95 a night

This hotel is for the mother-daughter duo who like the finer things in life, but also enjoy a bargain. Astoria is a great value located in uptown Barcelona near the city’s ritzy shopping district. Also, unlike Fashion House, Astoria is a proper hotel meaning all rooms have en suite bathrooms. In the spring and summer months, mom will love sipping a cava mimosa beside their rooftop pool (or, at least I know my mom would!).

Once you’ve booked your home base, consider a few other diverting activities to do with mom. Try a day trip to La Garriga for hot springs and hiking, sip your way though the wine bars of Barcelona trying famous Spanish vintages, or a dual manicure and pedicure after a long day of sightseeing. If you’re mom is anything like mine, then the best bit of the day is dinner, when the conversation and wine flow. We laugh off the mishaps of travel and plot our next adventure.

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