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The Hostal Levante offers both private rooms (above) and family-friendly apartments. Photo: Regina W Bryan
The Hostal Levante offers both private rooms (above) and family-friendly apartments. Photo: Regina W Bryan

Traveling with the kidos in Barcelona? Not always easy. Many hotels do not allow kids, or do not have services for families with small children.

My Barcelona tip for booking a room for the familia is to go for an apartment. There are many hostals and hotels which also have a few vacation apartments available and these are the ticket for a happy, stress-free experience.

Renting an apartment for families

Why an apartment (or piso as they are called in Spain)? First of all, you can cook in an apartment. And while some hostals such as Mari-Luz and Hostal Fernando have communal kitchens, you will have to work around other guest’s schedules.

Better to have your own stove and sink which will also save you money, as eating out every meal as a family adds up fast in Barcelona. With your own kitchen and refrigerator you’ll be able to make lunches to take with you to CosmoCaixa or Park Güell.

Many apartments also have several rooms, or maybe a room and a sofa bed which means privacy and more space. I also like that most holiday apartments are in normal buildings with neighbors, giving a more local feel than you’d have in a hotel or hostal.

Our pick for an apartment

While many of the hostals listed in the EuroCheapo’s Barcelona guide offer apartments, I especially like Hostal Levante.

This family-run hostal is in the Gothic Quarter near lots of top Barcelona sights which means less time on the metro (and fewer metro tickets to pay) and easy walkability. Staying at Levante you’ll be fairly close to the beach and Ciutadella Park, both fun options for kids. Levante has regular rooms, many of which have private bathrooms, which start at $100 a night for a triple. They also have apartments for $25 per person per night, which adds up to be a better deal.

In terms of money, space, experience and meals, vacation apartments are the way to go for families.

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