Barcelona Food: Five cheap eats under €6


Buenas Migas
A typical filling and cheap meal at Buenas Migas Foccaceria. Photo: Ian Kershaw

If you’re a foodie, Barcelona can get spendy. To add insult to injury, it also has the unfortunate reputation of offering overpriced, mediocre meals. While there are some fantastic Michelin starred restaurants in the city, Cheapos in need of good grub require other options.

No te preocupes (Don’t worry!). Here are five cheap eats that will ensure a full belly, and plenty of extra pocket change for all those Gaudi postcards you’ll send back home. They may not be glamorous, but their fare is tasty and oh so inexpensive.

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Create you own combination for a cheap meal to go at Woki. Photo:

Create you own combination for a cheap meal to go at Woki. Photo: Xavi Talleda

1. Woki

Asturies, 22

One of my all-time-favorites, Woki is located in the vibrant Gracia neighborhood, but also benefits from two other locations, one on the beach in Barceloneta and another in Borne (Carders, 6).

Simply select a noodle or rice base for €4 and then add ingredients (starting at €1.30 each). Finally, choose a free sauce, which can be anything from Thai, Hoi Sin or the “House Sauce.”

Hand in your order and the Woki team throws it all together on an enormous wok right in front of you. Since there’s limited seating at Woki, I usually get my noodles to-go, often eating them right out of the box while watching the tide come in.

Tallers 76

Grab a sandwich for a wallet-friendly lunch at this cozy cafe. Photo: Facebook

2. Tallers 76

Calle Tallers, 76bis

Right in the middle of the city and on trendy Calle Tallers, this lavender-colored café and restaurant is a right-on choice for sandwiches. Made with artisan breads, sandwiches come in delectable combos like goat cheese with sun-dried tomato and smoked salmon with cucumber.

Hey, it’s a no-frills lunch, but tasty and under €6, though plan to spend a bit more if you purchase a drink or side.

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3. Buenas Migas

Passeig de Gracia (with locations citywide)

Buenas Migas in Barcelona

Cheap delights are on every corner in Barcelona.

With multiple spots around town, Buenas Migas is an easy-to-find—and yummy—Cheapo option. Choose from focaccia pizzas, ample salads, plus an array of sandwiches and pastries.

A focaccia pizza will run you between €4 and €5 (flavors include ‘meat-lovers’, tomato and basil, and four-cheese). Add a drink with your focaccia and you’ll have a delicious midday feast for around €6!

4. La Central

Calle Mallorca, 237 (with locations citywide)

Not everything offered on the menu at La Central—an eatery within a bookshop—falls under the budget category. However, during the lunch rush, they do offer reasonably priced deli wraps, sandwiches, and some pasta salads. All items range from €6 and up.

But, the real reason I love La Central is for their coffee and ambiance. The place benefits by being one of the city’s most eclectic book stores right in the heart of an old neighborhood. Grab a cup o’ joe, take a seat, and browse the wares.

5. Pans & Company

Plaça urquinaona, 12-13 (with locations nationwide)

In a way I hate to mention Pans & Company because, well, it’s a chain. However, it is also very cheap and the quality and quantities here is pretty good. Not unlike the U.S.-based Subway sandwiches, Pans is fast-food in style, but takes a healthy approach to eating.

Seats and 'Pans'; photo by Enric Archivell

Outdoor seating at Pans & Company. Photo: Enric A

The sandwiches and sides offered at Pans are geared towards the classic Mediterranean eater, with combos like melted brie and Spanish ham, or tuna and olives. They also serve large salads and occasionally offer hamburgers.

All sandwiches are under €6 and depending on what you order you will likely have a euro or two leftover to grab a drink, side, or opt for a meal combo (around €6 or €7). Pans also has an espresso bar that offers cheap, good coffee and tasty pastries and breads.

Note: This article was updated on July 31, 2014 with new information, links and photos.

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Regina W Bryan

About the author: Regina W.Bryan is a Barcelona-based freelance writer and photographer. When not eating tapas and exploring Europe, she is tending her balcony veggie garden and practicing Catalan. For more of her thoughts on Spain, check: and

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  1. Hello,
    Mi name is Elena, I’m Spanish and I’ve been cooking for years now!
    If you want to taste the real Spanish food, the real Paella, the “black rice”/Fideuá, the tapas without paying a fortune for something that is not worth it, please contact me.
    For only 12 €/pax I prepare a nice Spanish meal at home every weekend (all inclusive: starters, main course, bread, wine or sangría, desert and coffee!). I live in the Eixample district, close to Paseo de Gracia
    I also speak French.
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  2. planning to visit next year during football season with wife and daughter. A first timer. Great advice. Thanks and good day.

  3. Reminds me of the time I stayed at this cheap santa monica hotel and got a bacon egg and cheese for under $1.50, and the nice lady gave me a coffee for no extra charge. Barcelona was just like that too – nice and friendly cheap service.

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  7. No need to apologize for mentioning Pans & Company. I haven’t been to Barcelona in several years, but it was the first place that popped into my head when I saw the title of this post.


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