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Why is this man so happy and smiling at the camera? Is he:

A.) Just glad it’s a nice, sun-shiney day in New York
B.) Amazed that the windows in EuroCheapo’s office haven’t been cleaned in 2 years
C.) Delighted to be the most recent “EuroCheapo Insider”
D.) All of the above.

If you answered D, you guessed right! We’re looking for a few brave Cheapos to sign up as “EuroCheapo Insiders” and give us their feedback, opinions and (ahem) criticism on new products we’re currently developing for EuroCheapo. These chosen few will get a first hand look behind the Cheapo curtain, as it were, to check out new tools, new designs, and other features before they’re launched on the site. Your feedback will be instrumental in helping us continue to improve for the benefit of Cheapos worldwide.

Think you have what it takes to be a EuroCheapo Insider? Just send us an email to request an invite. And please sign up early, as we have a limited number of invites.

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Pete Meyers

About the author: An Ohio native, Pete Meyers was bred on family road trips and the Beach Boys. When not working at EuroCheapo HQ in NYC, Pete likes to be found eating bouillabaisse anywhere in the south of France.

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