Berlin: Cheap eats along Kreuzberg’s Falckensteinstrasse


Les Enfants Gates in Berlin
Les Enfants Gates, along Falckensteinstrasse in Berlin. Photo:

By C H Kwak in Berlin—

Some streets in Berlin are so jam-packed with cheapo establishments that they deserve their own blog post. Falckensteinstrasse, in the fast gentrifying Wrangelkiez, is one of them.

This Kreuzberg street, which intersects with the hoppin’ Schlesische Strasse, has a number of budget eateries worth checking out. Here are my favorites:

Basilikum / Eis Aldemir / Thymian
Falckensteinstraße 7

The holy trinity of budget eateries is owned by the same Turkish family. Basilikum and Thymian each serves two to four daily specials that range from Mediterranean (pasta) to German (Spätzle)–all for between €2 and €4.50. Eis Aldemir, which is flanked between the two, is a good ice cream parlor with average prices (€1 a scoop).

Les Enfants Gatés
Falckensteinstraße 33
Web site

Cute cafe that serves real French pastries. At €3, the pastries may not seem like such a bargain for Berlin, but considering the quality and atmosphere, it’s a good deal.

Café am Kamin
Falckensteinstr. 18

This tiny cafe has a fireplace. Luckily, they keep it off in summer.

Buddha’s Kitchen
Falckensteinstr. 42
Web site

The Vietnamese community in Berlin has perfected the art of budget-friendly, fresh Asian food. Buddha’s Kitchen serves standard Berlin Asian fares–Vietnamese noodle soup, salad or meat in curry. It’s nothing you’ll write home about, but the €5 lunch deals definitely do the job. Best of all, there are two more Vietnamese-run places nearby, and they’re all pretty much interchangeable.

The main thoroughfare of Schlesische Strasse has an endless choice of bars and clubs, as well as snack bars. Cheapo night owls can do very well here.

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C.H. Kwak is a translator in Berlin.

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