Berlin cheap souvenir: Nightlife magazines and club promos

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When it comes to Berlin, we love the nightlife. Not only are the clubs and bars wildly fun, with great music and dancing pumping ’til dawn, but admission is cheapo-friendly, especially compared to the hot spots of other capital cities.

For cheap souvenirs, we recommend bringing home free club promotional materials, handouts, and even listings magazines. You’ll have proof that you partied like a rock star (even if you can’t fully remember the club…).

Your nightlife “Tip”-sheet

Choose your own nightly adventure with a copy of either Zitty or Tip, Berlin’s listings magazines, available at any magazine kiosk for less than €3. Not only will the guides help you navigate Berlin after dark, but they’ll inform you of low-cost classical and rock concerts, operas, movies, museum exhibits, and gallery openings. We recommend picking up either magazine as soon as you arrive in Berlin.

If you decide to make a night of Berlin’s hot bars and clubs, we’d suggest picking up all the flyers that catch your eye. You can usually find club promos near the door or coat check, as well as (frame-able) postcard advertisements near the toilets and cigarette vending machines. Who knows, you might even be able to score a poster.

Although they are essentially advertisements, free nightlife flyers from Berlin will be a hit back home–and might help you remember your adventure, especially if the nights blur into days. While you’re at it, hold on to your used copy of Zitty or Tip. It will be fun to see where to go next time!

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