Berlin: Grandpa Mistaken for Beetle


Photograph by jj_mac
Photograph by jj_mac

When it comes to strange European news, Berlin is hot this week. The latest episode? Berliners looked on as a 91-year-old man got stuck to his roof while recoating it with bitumen.

After the nonagenarian slipped, neighbors called the fire department. At first, observing youngsters assumed that, due to the man’s age, he was trying to commit suicide. One witness said he looked “like a beetle on its back.”

As a matter of fact, kiddo, the man in question was simply trying to spruce up his surroundings.

C’mon, peeps, can’t an on old timer put a roof over his head without the attention of local authorities and the international press? Back in the old days, a man could slip and fall in peace. Put that verdammt camera away before I box your ears with it!

Unfortunately, it appears ageism is an epidemic that knows no boundaries.

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