Berlin: Indochine Spice


The crocuses may be starting to bloom in Berlin, but the city still has a serious case of the late-winter grays. The antidote? A good dose of color for the eyes and palate at Monsieur Vuong‘s.

This “Indochina Café,” not far from the Hackesche Höfe in Mitte, will raise your spirits the second you part the velvet curtains and breathe in. Unlike the über-relaxed atmosphere of many Berlin eateries, this place is packed and buzzing with lively conversation, quick and courteous staff, and a red-and-orange color scheme that should dispel the deepest winter malaise.

The menu is simple: a couple of different soups and appetizers and two or three daily variations on rice and noodle bowls. Whether you get the chicken sate or the beef band noodles, the ingredients are of the highest quality and freshness, skillfully combined and infused with just enough spice to get your circulation moving and your tastebuds dancing.

Even better, you will not pay more than about €7 for one of the daily specials, and no more than €15 for a perfectly matched bottle of French wine to accompany your meal.

If you can’t manage to find spring in your heart, at least go for the stomach, we say. Monsieur Vuong is located at Alte Schönhauser Str. 46.

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