Bier Bitte! Three favorite biergartens in Berlin


Prater is tucked away in the shade of chestnut trees. Photo: Prizepony
Prater is tucked away in the shade of chestnut trees. Photo: Prizepony

By Molly Hannon in Berlin—

Although Germany’s southern region of Bavaria tends to rule the roost when it comes to beer, Berlin manages to deliver some good pours. With summer on the horizon, a biergarten visit is a necessity.

Here is a list of three of our favorites from Berlin’s eclectic cast of biergartens—both on and off the beaten path. (Need some more suggestions? Check out this list of biergartens from last year!)

1. Prater Garten
Kastanienallee 7– 9
10435 Berlin
030 448 56 88

Considered Berlin’s oldest biergarten, Prater lies tucked off Kastanienallee submerged in a mini-forest of shady chestnut trees. During the spring and summer, Prater is always packed with loyal patrons and newcomers—both drawn to its lair, which seats more than 300.

Relaxing in the Tiergarten at Schleusenkrug. Photo: Fozzman

Prater boasts a fine selection of beers combined with a selection of other beverages, such as wine, appeasing all palates. Its house-made Bavarian-inspired cuisine, such as wurst, schnitzel, sauerkraut and potato salad functions as the perfect pair for a night of beer drinking and good German grub.

2. Schleusenkrug
10623 Berlin
030 313 9909

Schleusenkrug is a classic-style biergarten situated near the Tiergarten. It’s canal-side location allows customers to wave to the boats passing by whilst they sip their frothy brew and absorb the beautiful scene.

Schleusenkrug’s close proximity to the Berlin zoo makes it a good pick-me-up for families—specifically moms and dads in need of a refreshment after a long day of staring at caged animals. Like most biergartens, the menu remains simple and loyal to its German roots, providing patrons with a nice variety of German-style beers and food.

3. Brachvogel
Carl-Herz-Ufer 34
10961 Berlin
030 693 0432

Brachvogel, a biergarten-cum-botanical garden, is situated off the Kreuzberg canal, making it a perfect place to socialize, imbibe and eat. With a playground nearby it may evoke childhood, but it is its strong selection of mouth-watering cold beers that makes it a desirable and strictly adult-friendly hotspot.

About the author

Molly Hannon is an American travel and culture writer based in Berlin. She has written for the New York Times, NPR, the DailyBeast, Gambero Rosso, TimeOutBerlin, and La Cucina Italiana. Read more of her writing on her Web site:

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