Berlin: Thursday Night at the Museum

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photograph courtesy of  mike_nl
photograph courtesy of mike_nl

There is only one thing we Cheapos like better than getting something for cheap, and that’s getting something for free. In Berlin every Thursday evening, you can get something priceless for free: entrance to the city’s world-renowned museums.

Every Thursday for four hours before closing time, entrance to all the permanent exhibitions at Berlin’s state museums won’t cost you a cent. Some of the museums have opening hours extended until 10 p.m. on Thursdays as well, giving you plenty of time to take advantage of this deal.

The famous Ishtar Gate from ancient Babylon at the Pergamon Museum? Free!

The original bust of Egyptian queen Nefertiti at the Altes Museum? Free!

Helmut Newton‘s photos at the Museum for Photography? Free!

Looking for something a little lighter? We recommend the Museum of Decorative Arts for a look at everyday design over the ages.

You get the idea. Now go get some culture.

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