Berlin: Weird but memorable restaurant options

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Klo restaurant Berlin
Think you've tried every themed restaurant out there? Klo offers a toilet motif that will make some flush with embarrassment. Photo: Roboppy

Though Berlin has now collected more Michelin stars than any other German city, its most special dining experiences may not lie within the hallowed, star-covered kitchens of the capital, but rather its unique and sometimes kitschy offerings.

Here a selection of Berlin’s weird but memorable food options.

Neukölln (Reuterkiez, U8-Hermannplatz)
Dinner only, closed Mondays. Reservations recommended

The Paleo Diet trend hasn’t passed Berlin by. If you’ve ever wanted to eat like a caveman (grunts excluded), head to Sauvage, Berlin’s first Paleo restaurant.   Expect entrees for hunters (meat and fish) and gatherers (fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts) — no dairy, sugars, grains, or legumes allowed.  While their concept should have broad appeal among slow and local foodies, be warned that given the reliance on meat-based proteins, vegetarians may only have one choice for entrees.

Prezlauer Berg (U2-Weinmeisterstr.)
Dinner only, open daily. Reservations recommended

A play on the German word for “invisible,” dining at unsicht-Bar is more about the experience than the menu.  The restaurant’s total darkness creates the illusion of blindness for diners.  For your two- to three-hour dinner, blind and visually-impaired servers guide you through this new world, delivering (and interpreting) three courses of your choosing.

The "burger" of Burgermeister

The “burger” of Burgermeister. Photo: Aotearoalove


Charlottenburg (U7-Adenauerplatz)
Evenings only, open daily

Pack your sense of humor before taking a seat at Klo (Loo), Berlin’s toilet-themed bar and restaurant.

The atmosphere is jovial and entertaining, the decor, dishware, and even seating an eclectic hodgepodge of antique toilet articles.  Be ready for a few surprises!

And if that’s not enough potty humor for you …

Kreuzberg (U1-Schlesisches Tor)
Open daily till 3 a.m., 4 a.m. on weekends.

This popular outdoor kiosk — still bearing the signage from the public toilet from which it was converted — sells reasonably-priced burgers, fries, and drinks directly under the U-Bahn station.

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