Berlin’s International Short Film Festival: November 13-18, 2012

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Berlin's 28th International Short FIlm Festival runs November 13-18, 2012.
Berlin's 28th International Short FIlm Festival runs November 13-18, 2012.

In its 28th year, Berlin’s International Short Film Festival will take place from November 13-18, 2012. Films will be shown in six locations around the city. And with ticket prices as low as €3, the film festival offers some top-notch entertainment à la Cheapo.

A few gems hidden outside the competition program include:

Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Film Experiment, part of this year’s thematic focus on Iceland, in which 10 directors have created music videos for different Sigur Rós songs.

Eject XV – The Long Night of Odd Films, an interactive audience experience, screening 25 short films in search of “the weirdest film of the year.”

• Animation lovers’ delight: beyond the two sections (1,2) of competition films devoted to animation, there are three guest series: one of modern Czech animation and both a current and retrospective look at Dutch animation.

Program and tickets

To view the film festival’s entire program, divided thematically, click here. For the festival’s timetable, divided by cinema, click here.

Ticket prices range from €3-8, depending on the showing and the theater. Alternatively, purchase a 5-Ticket Pass for €25 or a Festival Pass for €50 (however, both exclude the opening ceremonies and Eject XV).

Accompanying the adult festival is the KuKi Festival, with films for children. Kids’ festival screenings last 60-80 minutes and are divided as appropriate for various age groups. There’s a free daily animation workshop, as well as a Sunday Family Screening that’s free of charge. More details here.

Not in Berlin?

Even if you won’t be in Berlin, it’s still possible to participate in this year’s competition. Online voting for the 20 finalists of the Viral Video Award 2012 ends on November 15th. Some are hilarious, some are tragic – all are shocking on some level. Three will be awarded a €1000 prize. Go have your say!

For short film lovers: keep Hamburg’s festival in mind as well, scheduled for June 4-10, 2013.

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