Berlin: Hotels in Kreuzberg

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photograph courtesy of mitue
photograph courtesy of mitue

This month’s Travel and Leisure has a perfectly serviceable (har) round-up of Berlin, with one hotel recommendation stand-out in particular. The Hotel Riehmers Hofgarten takes up space in an unassuming 19th century building in a leafy part of Kreuzberg. Rooms are airy, with big windows overlooking the street, and there’s even a (very tiny) parking garage for guests. It’s a little business-like—and, frankly, beyond the Cheapo budget—but worth keeping in mind as a splurge.

Kreuzberg is positioning itself as a nice alternative to Mitte—itself closing in on “over” status thanks to the recent purchase of a flat there by none other than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Stick with Kreuzberg and places like the Riehmers Hofgarten, which stakes out some comfortable middle ground between Cheapo and luxe.

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