Biking Barcelona

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While Barcelona’s underground train system reaches just about every corner of the sprawling metropolis, the metro isn’t really the best way to “see” the city.

The Catalan capital’s new Bici bike system, however, is just that. Barcelona’s city hall has set up about 100 stations across the city, most near the Barri Gòtic, offering bike rentals for close to nothing. After paying an initial fee of either €1 for a week’s membership—or €24 for a year’s membership—Bici users will pay have to cough up just €0.30 per half hour of bike use. Until July 6, a year’s membership will go for just €6.

For a list of rules, rates, and information, visit the club’s site (in Spanish and Catalan only.)

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One thought on “Biking Barcelona”

  1. Please, how might i pay a bike- riding on your ingenious network? With coins (every 30 minutes 30 eurocents), or by a card with an amount of money that will be bought from you?


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