Bologna Cheap Eat: Pizzeria Altero

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Is it time for lunch yet?
Photo by Panduh

If you’re hunting down a cheap eat in Bologna, do as the locals do: head to Pizzeria Altero.

A favorite of Bolognese locals since 1953, the Pizzeria Altero dishes up a piping-hot deep-dish slice of Margherita for just €1. For a mere 30 cents more, you can indulge in Salsiccia, a slice of sausage pizza, or Carciofini, an Italian artichoke pie. They use the freshest ingredients out there.

Don’t let the line out the door scare you away from any of the Pizzeria Altero’s three central locations. The staff knows how to handle the consistent crowds that line up for the cheapest lunch in town—you”ll be in and out in under five minutes.

With three locations in the city center, the pizzeria is pretty easy to find: Via Indipendenze 33, Via Ugo Bassi 10, and Officine Minganti, Via della Liberazione 15.

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2 thoughts on “Bologna Cheap Eat: Pizzeria Altero”

  1. That pizza in the picture looks good but thats not altero thats neopolitan which is hard to find in Bologna. Do you know where in Bologna can I get this pizza in the picture. It looks good. Thank you.

  2. This is a very good tip. Traveling can be too expensive sometimes, so we really have to find nice cheap thrills in the country that we visit.


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