Bologna: Lounge Hopping

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Photo by mpp26
Photo by mpp26

If lively hole-in-the-wall pubs and rowdy discos are your thing, Bologna has an infinite supply of both. These joints cater to the large resident student population. If you favor something a bit more sophisticated and laid-back, we suggest these two hot spots.

Nu Lounge is dark and candle-lit inside, with outdoor seating even in the colder months thanks to the cozy heat lamps. Try their Audace cocktail, which is made with pepper vodka, maracuja, pineapple juice, and strawberry purée. Via dei Musei 6. Telephone: +39 051 222 532.

Cafe le Palais is a unique café/lounge across from the concept boutique L’Inde Le Palais with its swanky interior of 1960s optical lighting paired with Indian and French antiques. You can’t go wrong with a glass of Chianti classico or a Prosecco cocktail here. Via dei Musei 4. Telephone: +39 051 638 6963.

You will find an refreshing mix of international students, fashionistas, young professionals, and locals at these two lounges. They’re located so close to one another that both can be sampled without more than a miniscule crawl. They’re so close to another, in fact, that they even share an energetic house music soundtrack.

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